Tittererer’s Digest |57| feat. The Chickening

Hello, these introductions are getting shorter and shorter aren’t they? Maybe I’ll have something to talk about next week? Ok, this week we have The Chickening, a look back at Happy Endings, The Mess Around, Sisters In Law, and an excellent series of tweets by Priya. I don’t know Priya’s last name but if you’re on Twitter you know Priya so no last name required tbh. Let’s go.

 1. The Chickening

[youtube id=”i17pORf_iE4″ align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

According to its creators, The Chickening is the first of its kind in remixed, augmented cinema. It was released last September and did the rounds at several festivals before finally popping up on YouTube yesterday. I’ve written and deleted like twenty different things and I’m still not sure what to say about it. Basically Nick DenBoer and Davy Force have added a load of stuff to The Shining and created a completely new thing that has traces of Tim and Eric but is its own brand new thing entirely. Just watch it ok?

2. Choir – Sisters In Law

[youtube id=”EYvmAp2cWYY” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

And at the other end of the complexity scale we have Sisters In Law by UCB sketch group Choir. Two women, a table, and a load of jokes. This is so good. Like, soooo good. (via splitsider)

3. @priya_ebooks’s Period Drama

@priya_ebooks is a hugely popular twitter person whose opinions on pretty much everything are rock solid and instructive. This week, she wrote a period drama. You should take a look


That’s the first four parts. Click through and read the whole thread. It’s very stirring.

4. The Mess Around

We make no apologies for mentioning The Mess Around here in the Tittererer’s Digest as often as we can because it’s a very special, weird night of comedy and is to be encouraged. Also, it features a literal plethora of HeadStuff contributors among its stars. Mess Around co-creator Giles Brody has sat in the Digest hotseat more than once and Mess Around regular Alison Spittle is now a fully-fledged HeadStuff columnist. Plus, as well as all the usual Mess Around fun there’s going to be stand-up from BBC Comedy Awards finalist Nick Elleary, surreal whimsy from Boys Boys Boys, Francis Breen’s Tribute to the Human League and a lecture about The Babysitter’s Club from HeadStuff contributor and one of my best friends in the world, Ellen Tannam. What a night it shall be. Find out more here

5. Happy Endings

[youtube id=”Tx2XIa_DHE8″ align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

We live in an unfair universe. There are many reasons for this but, as a cishet white guy, the main one, the one that personally affects me the most is that Happy Endings only ran for three seasons. It was the best you guys. That clip above is one of my favourite bits but it’s pretty much all gold. The AV Club have picked five episodes that will show you what you’re missing if you haven’t watched it before or make you sad if you have watched it before and don’t have any more pressing things to be sad about. It’s here.

(Shoutout to Twitter legend Aoiph for helping me find that Happy Endings clip. I couldn’t find it at all at all.)

There we go now. Another Digest done and dusted. Byeeeeeee