alan-shatterThis has been a troubling time for Mr Shatter. As the penalty points scandal continues, so does a second scandal – the bugging scandal. According to Shatter it is nothing more than a routine check for bugging.


So, much less a scandal than a normal day in the office is it Alan?


Nothing to see here he seems to say while at the same time there seems to be plenty to see if the claims of bugging turn out to be true. (It seems likely that they are, according to some sources.)


And who would gain from bugging the regulators of the guards? The guards? Certainly. But who else? The criminals? Perhaps, but more probably the gards.


This will not be easy to prove that much is certain, however this will be of comfort for the beleagured Alan for whom proof of bugging would mean almost certain embarrassment, if not simply tough questions from opposition.


In the meantime his coleagues rally round him in support for him. One wonders if they mean what they say given what a lot of people have been saying about him of late – Is he covering up? Why is he covering up? What is he covering up.


Shatter’s appeal has always been in his fortright and clear diction. You always know where you stand but up until now we are not so sure.


His contributions have been many but this latest scandal hints of a bigger picture. Namely, what is his relationship to the head of the guards, one Mr. O’Callaghan.


Shatters has been seen to espouse the views of on Garda Suiochana but from one perspective not all may be what it seems. Case in point, there friendship runs deeper than as it first appears.


No doubt the truth will prevail amid weeks of blue smoke and mirrors. Mister Shatter is likely to trend for sometime to come but unfortunatley for him its not the kind of trending that he might necessarily wont, not for now anyway.


Let’s wait and see.