Album Review | Casavettes Debut With Senselessness

There’s some really great music coming out of Limerick at the moment. One of the latest releases is the new album Senselessness by Casavettes, which came out on the 27th of February. They are along a similar vein as Citizen and Movements with a little bit of Turnover in parts, and somehow even more emotional than all of them. No, seriously.

The album opener is slow and sombre, easing you into it gently before picking up half way through with tortured energy. Pain is obvious as the album progresses, with the music acting as a back drop to the emotions. It leads you on a journey from morose sadness to heightened anger and back again.

Their sound is a nice little throwback to a more early-mid 2000s American Midwest emo. With hints of bands like American Football, Mineral, and Sunny Day Real Estate all cropping up. It’s not a hugely common sound at the moment, so it’s nice to hear someone from Ireland bringing it back. The vocals especially are a great homage.


The first single released from Senselessness was ‘I’m Not Here I’m Somewhere Else’. A reasonable choice to give an insight into what to expect from the album, though maybe it’s missing a bit of the energy and punch that’s present in some of the other songs. I would have gone for something like ‘Hurry Up, We’re Gonna Die’, which has a better balance. It may be Casavettes debut album, but it’s hard to tell that. It’s very well polished and each instrument offsets each other in a very cohesive way. Throughout the album they present themselves as a very tight unit.

Casavettes played a number of Irish shows in support of the record throughout March, including one in aid of Pieta House at Workman’s to close out the month. With a solid debut album under their belt, Casavettes are sure to pop up across the country in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.

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