Album Review | Christine and the Queens Return With Sophomore Album Chris

Christine and the Queens’ sophomore album entitled Chris, is a fantastic listen from beginning to end. It features two sides in an English language version and a French-language version including 23-tracks.

After a long-awaited return in the music scene, Christine and The Queens released her comeback single ‘Girlfriend’ featuring Dâm-Funk earlier this year. It’s a funky 80’s song, showcasing her husky tones with excellent taste that was a perfect release before the album dropped. The traditional gender roles in a related topic are discussed over the poppy, smooth stomper track that is more vulnerable compared to the rest of the album.

‘Doesn’t Matter’ is a fascinating offering to the album. It’s fiery with a sense of questioning existence. With the rock instrumental bassline, there’s an undertone of crisis. Christine previously opened up about her history with mental health and throughout this track, she wonders if anything is real and even matters.

‘5 Dollars’ finds the musician hungry for money. She sings, “Pocket’s full and bright eyes / It turns me on because it’s time / Five dollars, baby blues, five dollars baby.”


There’s a lot of heat on ‘Damn (What Must A Woman Do)’ that showcases the shame women go through whilst wanting to do the same things men do.

‘What’s-her-face’ has a devastating moment where she sings, “My name became a slur,” as she describes she will be “forever what’s her face.” The delicate instrumental and storyline showcase a heartbreaking contrast to the rest of the album.

‘Feel So Good’ could be a part two to ‘Damn’ as it continues the storyline more in-depth searching for a meaning whilst exploring the situation.

‘The Stranger’ closes the album with a feeling of longing for more. Christine created a magical body of work throughout the tracks, making this collection of songs her best to date.

Throughout the album, there’s a sense of self-acceptance as she bleeds her life into her art. Her rawness is an inspiration. Each track is a piece of her and a moment of her existence. The entirety of the album showcases her masterful pop presence, performance, and self as an artist. She has perfected herself as a musician. The taste of Chris, is drenched in sadness, sex, and courage.

The artist we see today spent many years uncomfortable in her own skin. Roll on to now with the release of Chris, Christine, and the Queens has found her identity where she feels more comfortable unveiling who she really is.

Her music gives a distinctive and an honest account of her highs and lows as she conveys the loneliest parts of life, feeling lost and alone while being forced to feel society’s ideas of sex, gender, and self.

There’s no shame but a hard look in the mirror to realise she is who she is. The transformation from her debut to Chris, showcases a transition of power and control over her life and emotions. As each radio-friendly tracks disrupts the world with the record’s release, the embracing listen is like no other.

The pop French singer-songwriter’s music is a blend of power, femininity, and love. Over the course of the 11-tracks, she explores stereotypes, bravery, and confidence. Chris, is the follow-up album to her iconic debut album Chaleur Humaine. The entire record was written, arranged and performed by Christine and the Queens.