Album Review | Indie-Electro Trio Twist Helix Debut with Ouseburn

Indie-electro trio Twist Helix’s debut album Ouseburn, is vibrant and an infectious release.

‘Newcastle’ opens the record with an intriguing listen. They made the album with honesty and relatable with cultural issues. Throughout the record they discuss their lives, hometown, social commentary on changes. There’s an awakening happening that finds the band beginning a journey.

The title-track is an 80s’ pop influenced song. As they explored throughout many genres of electronic music on this record, they have redefined their own sound, genre and musical taste. The song begins with a fun riff as the driving vocals embrace the moment. It’s a catchy track that will be a hit at a live show.

‘Graphite’ is a Goth-infused track with flavourings of 80s’ music. It features a brooding soundscape that creates a new-wave that blazes the rhythms with explosions. The darkness of the intoxicating storyline is interesting. The gripping moment where someone loses themselves within the music and the sonically mood showcases the trio’s brilliance.


The alternative poppy flavouring instrumental met with the fascinating vocal abilities create interesting tracks. There’s a delightful sound with a thrilling moment of importance during the synth pop instrumental. Throughout each track, the band explore their sound and presence with driving beats and punch hard-hitting drumming whilst breaking boundaries.

Throughout the entire record, front-woman Garcia’s vocals are piercing revealing her deepest feelings of frustration as she searches for a release in a world the trio have created on this album. Each track blends wonderfully into each other.

The eagerly awaited debut from the electro trio is infectious with pop melodies, 80’s synths, wonderful vocals as they take the listener on a journey from beginning to end. The album bursts with punk pop instrumental that is pleasantly visible makes it a fantastic listen with their creativity and frustration.

Twist Helix are part of the alternative electronic music future with their lyricism and production excellence creating such a masterpiece. And since the band kick started their career, they have kept to their roots whilst doing what they adore most. Each track on this body of work has a different yet similar tone throughout the dreamy pop, electronica synth styled, and electro pop musical offering. On this release, the band have reached their ultimate and truest potential embarking on a new chapter with this debut.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Empire Of The Sun, Joywave, Passion Pit, then Ouseburn, is something for you.

Twist Helix is comprised of vocalist Bea Garcia, drummer James Walker, and bassist Matthew Baron. Ouseburn, was released via Paul Black Music on October 5, 2018.