Album Review | Koto Kill Are Full Of Energy On Fight Us All

Koto Kill’s debut mini LP, Fight Us All, was released on November 16, 2018 via Dystopian Disco. The entire project has an electronic, fiery rock sound. Throughout the record, there’s a concurrent blend of dance and industrial rock, making it a memorable listen from beginning to end.

Fight Us All, is packed with alternative abrasive electronic beats that gives the listener a run for their money with the vibrant energy front and centre of each track. As the band includes six female vocalists, each song features a different vocalist that unfolds the powerful energy.

‘War Zone’ kicks the LP off with a bang. It’s an interesting pull-in song and great start to the record building hype for what’s yet to come.

‘Riot at 45’ finds Koto Kill’s attitude boiling up before their, almost forgotten, angst channels their direction on where to bring the LP next. The blistering song is lead by Beatrice Bonnano’s fabulous vocals that blend wonderfully into the track.


‘Fire Down’ features the sultry and smooth vocal soaring from vocalist Judith Haustein. The vibrant bassline that’s intent-filled with a captivating creates a slick and roaring riff. As the song progresses, the flawless vocal abilities met with the sharp guitar riffs and pulsating electronica add more flavouring to the LP.

‘Sugar Rush’ is a stand-out track with its mesmerising instrumental.

‘Hot Waters’ follows the previous track with a pleasurable listen.

Bringing the LP to a close with a last but not least ‘Vagabonds’, there’s something epic about the instrumental, production, and overall presentation of the track that will leave the listener craving for more.

As the LP draws to a close, more features from the likes of vocalists Anelise Kunz, Emily Magpie and Dolly Daggerz appear putting a wonderful spin to the electrifying songs creating escaping and moody soundscapes.

Each track was produced with an effortlessly progression and fascinating development from beginning to end. It showcases Koto Kill’s faultless love for his craft. And this won’t be the last we will be hearing from him.

Although there’s a lot of diversity throughout the LP, Koto Kill has a clever ability to create songs that sound completely different yet coherent as Fight Us All evolves.

If you’re a fan of The Prodigy, Massive Attack, St Vincent, Fight Us All, is something for you.

Koto Kill is a collaborative project of DJ and producer Gabriel Ralls. It was formed in 2016, originally as a side project to his main band Plastique, but later became the focal point. The band includes Daniel Birch (live drums, additional synths, acoustic guitar), John Strine (bass), Mo Stellato, Joseph Volcy and Akos Gado (guitars), Tolga Cokdeger (Turkish saz) and Ricky Romain (sitar).