Album Review | oh800 Deal With Internal Freak-outs on Character Building

The electro-pop band oh800 have released their brand-new album entitled Character Building.

The title-track opens the album with its dance-punk, infectious mood with excellent sensibilities. Frontman Eoi Rooney’s lead vocals blend wonderfully along to the clunking cowbells, guitar sounds, and bright beats. It’s a great addition to the record with it’s fantastic lyricism.

‘Should’ve Known It’ has a spiky guitar instrumental with a disco-punk vibe that creates a fascinating listen.

‘Melanin’ is a meaningful song to the band and society in general. Being inspired by a real life story, the group were disgusted in the events that happened, and so the song was created.


‘Mission to Mars’ and ‘Palindrome’ are two songs on the album that are more reflective side, showing a brighter side to the band.

As most artists these days don’t neglect their influences and steal a combination of sounds here and there, Oh800 thankfully defeat this movement. However, their song ‘I Want You Around’ borrows post-punk instrumental sounds from the likes of Talking Heads, with a modern twist in a paranoia attack discussing life, expectations, loyalty, and people around you that laments a funky bassline and drumming mood.

‘Weird Dial’ has tongue-in-cheek lyricism discussing their observations and opinions on modern life.

Character Building, showcases a clear that the band want to captivate the listener with their ever-so-fun post-punk instrumental fighting against the need to rant and make noise. The result of this album is intriguing. It’s a wonderful offering displaying true emotion of being torn and trying to find your feet in life.

And throughout the album, the band cherry picked things they borrowed from other bands, rather than making a perfect carbon copy song. It’s charming seeing their sweet and effortless love for music come alive through this body of work.

There’s an intense and witty energy throughout Character Building, that add extra flavouring to their funky rhythmic sections, sharp guitar instrumental, and infectious electronica. Overall, thematically, it discusses relentless inner turmoil and disconnected moments that they tried to turn into lighter times in their life’s.

The band commented on the album stating, “its about those internal freak outs you get, feeling like a kid in your 30’s, getting ripped off, as well as the good stuff like love and friendship.”

The nine-track album has upbeat moments, with sensitive and odd observations, that make it entirely something for everyone.

If you’re a fan of Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, Public Image Ltd, and/or Foals, Character Building, is a worthy album of listen.

Oh808 are lead vocalist and guitarist Eoin Rooney, bassist Gavin Ellis, and drummer Olly Betts.

Character Building, was released on November 2, 2018 via Infinite Jest Records.