Album Review | Slow Moving Clouds Impress On Sophomore Starfall

Starfall, the latest offering from Dublin-based band Slow Moving Clouds is intriguing.

Over the nine-tracks, the band combines soaring falsetto vocals, Irish and Nordic folk traditions with post-punk drones, and baroque strings.

‘First Breath’ kick-starts the album with a richly accomplished introduction.

‘Under the City’ follows the highly-anticipation for a greatness that continues.


‘Ash Plant’ showcases Aki’s aforementioned soaring falsetto vocals in a hauntingly beautiful way.

‘Downfall of Paris’ dives deeper into Danny Diamond’s fiddle playing. The musician is one of Ireland’s leading traditional musician’s of his generation. With the contemporary flavouring on this particular track, the most radio-friendly tune combines a deep cultural lineage of his heritage in the north of Ireland with influences from other traditions across the North Atlantic.

‘Trin’ was the first taster into the album. It showcases cello player Kevin Murphy’s skills in an experimental way that finds his dynamic of a musician collides perfectly with Danny’s fiddle playing.

‘Droghedy’ starts off with a certain sadness that each string collaborates on in a wonderful way that brings the emotions to life.

‘Muunnos’ keeps the energy alive in a more danceable way.

‘Drops’ has a more intense string section compared to the rest of the album. It’s a great addition to the album.

‘Swansong / Starfall’ brings the album to a close in a delicate and elegant way. From the beginning of the album to its end, the band has kept each track personal and professional creating an excellent release.

Throughout the album, the band’s folk roots merge with indie and experimental instrumental, while they expand more on their fascinating sonically powerful sound.

As each track is short, the lighthearted atmosphere is enjoyable. It’s one of those album’s that is needed for a long drive with its relaxing and accomplished sounds. Each track is gorgeously produced in such a manner, the band has created a work of art.

There’s a certain emotive with their unique music. The instrumental throughout wonderfully blends dark tones with rich intensity in an escaping atmosphere. Their material is ambitious. And once you get into the album, it’s a beautiful listen. Slow Moving Clouds deserved more recognition for their talent is there and overall are extraordinary.

And over the course of the nine tracks, with a mix of Nordic and Irish traditional music with experimental and minimalist influences combined throughout, the band have created something new and memorable. Starfall, is something fresh that the listener would never have heard before.

Starfall, is the band’s follow-up album to their debut Os, that was released in 2015.