Artist Spotlight | Amey St. Cyr & The Uplifting ‘Life’s Too Short’

In the mid ’90s Amey was well on her way to a successful career in music when fate intervened. After giving birth to her daughter, Amey developed crippling postnatal depression. Her band broke up, leading to a period of alcohol and drug addiction. Now, free from her illness and addiction, she is able to commit herself to music once again. As well as singing, Amey is an actor and has appeared in music videos for the likes of Krept & Konan and Big Narstie. She has also recently written and performed a theatrical piece with her daughter Zakia, called Voices Of The Motherland, exploring their relationship and touching upon issues of immigration, race, family and identity.

Amey has had a varied career as a singer, songwriter, actor and model. She has featured in films and music videos, and most recently has been working on a theatrical piece with her daughter Zakia, who produced an accompanying documentary for BBC Radio 4. In 2019, she spoke to Good Morning Britain about her role in the Lumen dating app campaign.

Music has been in Amey St. Cyr’s blood her entire life. She provided vocals for several bands in the ’90s, including The Thompson Twins and Baby Ford. Amey makes uplifting, retro-tinged dance music with a positive message at a time when the world needs it most. A confident, inspirational artist, Amey is currently performing at gigs and open mic nights around London, and is guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving.


‘Life’s Too Short’ is a nu-disco dance anthem with lyrics encouraging us to join in the party of life. Its uplifting and upbeat sounds lure us into a positive frame of mind, lifting our spirits out of the doldrums of COVID-19.

The song states that believing in the power of love, putting faith in the human race, and taking care of each other will drive away the darkness, bringing light and love into our lives. The middle eight proceeds to tell us it ain’t over till the fat lady sings and that we don’t yet know the outcome of an event that’s still in progress. In other words, it’s not over until everything is okay and if everything is not okay, it’s not over. We are all special, we are all kings and queens and princes and princesses.

The positive vibes in the song are irresistible. So do as the track says—lose your inhibitions and sing along with Amey St. Cyr.

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