Artist Spotlight | A Chat With Pop Sensation Ivy Ash

Following the success of her debut single ‘Oops’, Ivy Ash is back with floor-filler ‘Rain Again’. She speaks to HeadStuff about the new single, writing in lockdown, and dream collaborators.

Your sound is very bubblegum upbeat pop but the lyrics showcase feelings on the opposite end of the spectrum, it is very well done! What inspired you to stylise your track ‘Rain Again’ like that?

Thank you. The lyrics were the first thing that were created with ‘Rain Again’, the process came from looking through an old journal, so it was very organic as it was my own notes and feelings on paper. Reading the lyrics alone as a monologue made me realise the depth of what I’d written, but I didn’t want the track to be sad and downbeat, so I made a conscious effort going forward to make the accompanying music uplifting to give it contrast.

How has being in lockdown changed you as an artist, do you feel your writing or sound has changed since lockdown or has it just made you more eager to start doing gigs again?

I feel like being in lockdown has had a positive impact on my writing as it allowed me the time and space to create without distraction. I’m incredibly eager to get out gigging again in the next few months, but for the meantime I’m happy with immersing myself in music creations from my home studio.

What initially inspired you to start music and go into the genre you have put yourself in?

Growing up I had pop music on repeat. With any situation that life throws at you, there’s a pop song out there to reflect your mood and I wanted ‘Rain Again’ to be one of those songs! This genre, for me, is all about dancing and crying at the same time. It’s revealing your inner emotions but also having fun.


Is this new track similar to the songs we could hear on a new album, or are you experimenting with different sounds?

At the moment I’m working on singles, but my content is very much in the same genre of electro-pop. However, I am experimenting with different sounds, in particular the use of synths, so lots more experimentation to come from me!

Is there a collaboration you are hoping for in the future or have on your mind that you’re going to do? Can we know who and why?

Recently, I’ve spoken to a few artists about collaborations and how we could make it work. I love working with other creatives, it gives me a huge amount of energy and drive, and it’s always great to meet new people. Next year I’m aiming to release a collab so watch this space. I always like to aim high, so if by any chance you happen to have Gaga’s number, give her a call for me and see if she’s down to collab! A girl can dream, right?!

Stream ‘Rain Again’ from Ivy Ash below.