Artist Spotlight | The Lost Gecko & ‘I Can Hear Echoes’

The Lost Gecko have done what I didn’t think they could do—release a song that somehow matches the majestic tone of their previous single ‘Brothers’, while also sounding completely different from it. They are rapidly finding and solidifying their sound and the result is powerful. I knew that they were a band I could get into and that I needed to keep track of. With the release of their latest single, titled ‘I Can Hear Echoes,’ I am reassured that I was correct to expect great things from them. It is a beautiful track that showcases all of the band’s many strengths.

They have an incredible talent for taking the simplest progressions and spreading them out into lush, sprawling tracks. ‘I Can Hear Echoes’ is the perfect example of that. It has a delicate guitar melody that is elevated by the steady hum of the cello. This creates the perfect backdrop for Malcolm Urquhart’s rustic but pure vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The entire group does a great job of coming together and creating such a warm and cohesive sound.

Both ‘I Can Hear Echoes’ and ‘Brothers’ have been released ahead of their upcoming project, Scatterbox. I cannot wait to have a whole EP dedicated to this beautiful and inspired sound that they have made their own. I have a feeling it will be well worth the wait.

‘I Can Hear Echoes’ opens with Urquhart’s warm and jagged voice, mixed with the earthy wave of the cello, and the heavenly echoes of an acoustic guitar all fusing together at once. It is an emotionally intoxicating symphony of sound that swells and sways like a gentle breeze. The drums and electric guitar make an appearance, but they are subtle and do not distract from the quiet roar of the track. The vocals are my favorite aspect of the track as Malcolm’s delivery has both gentle and fierce sides to it. It jumps from a cackling hum to a triumphant roar within seconds and is the perfect instrument for embodying the emotions that they are trying to convey.


The Lost Gecko have not struck out yet and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. They are definitely hitting a steady stride that guarantees they will remain in heavy rotation for me for many months to come.