Artist Spotlight | The Prolific Pete Beat And ‘Before The War’

Pete Beat’s latest track ‘Before The War’ is out now and it does not disappoint. Pete knows how to write a song that’s for sure, and he has shown time and time again, with a trail of recent releases, that he can deliver a different vibe and theme with the same quality each and every time. ‘Before The War’ is a song for peace, which vents frustration at society and asks for change. Pete explains:

“A certain section of people complain about refugees coming into the country, without really considering what they would do in their shoes. Would they all really stay and fight? I doubt it. A lot of those people also vote for governments who continue to bomb remote countries, or who sour international relations, increasing the likelihood of widespread war in the future.”

In terms of songwriting, it’s as if Pete Beat is a psychology student, as he seems to be able to give the listener what they want to hear, from the interweaving melodies to the upfront Bowie-esque vocal delivery. There really is something for everyone in a Pete Beat song. Young and old alike and people into varying genres will find something here for them. It’s remarkable that Beat hasn’t garnered even more attention than he has already (support from BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson for instance) because he truly is a remarkable songwriter.

It’s only a matter of time before he gets gigging again across his home region of the northeast United Kingdom. Pete will also be performing at Lindisfarne Festival 2021 on the Thursday evening. His live set involves him and an acoustic guitar, singing some of his favourite compositions without electronics or elaborate orchestration, giving the most raw experience of his songs.


Pete Beat’s album, Before The War, will be released on April 16, whilst his track of the same name is available to enjoy now.