Artist Spotlight | Raíz Channels Multicultural London In His Music

Swiss born, Portuguese-Angolan singer/songwriter Raíz integrates London’s multicultural music scene into his musical area of edgy bangers and millennial pop. His name, which translates to “root” in Portuguese, reflects the connection between culture and musical references within his new EP Saudade.

Using the opportunity of his time during isolation, Raíz wrote and co-produced Saudade in the comfort of his own bedroom, connecting with others over digital platforms like Zoom and WhatsApp.

His first single, ‘Nightmare’, achieved 24,000 streams within the first week of its release and has been listed on a number of playlists such as Artists Discovery and Chill la Vie, both with a notable following. In addition, his track was played on One FM Swiss along with Radio Swiss Pop and Amazing Radio UK.


His recent single ‘Over You’ expresses a desire to overcome dishonesty during a fight for the rescue and repair of something long gone. Raíz explains that the emotions involved in this personal experience were hard to grasp for strangers and so he used the writing of this track as a process of understanding.

The lyrics of ‘Over You’ express the ongoing battle between thought and feeling while seeing the ugly truth but still carrying hope. They certainly leave an impression with their honesty. The instrumental side of the track, with its guitar riffs and synths, gives it a modern ’80s vibe. Listen to ‘Over You’ by Raíz below.