Artist Spotlight | Son of Cabe Release Pop Banger ‘Whistler’

Guilford indie-pop duo Son of Cabe consist of songwriter/producer Conor McCabe and co-producer Jack Holland, whom McCabe met at university. The indie-pop dup take their influence and inspiration from ’80s pop, electronic, and indie music, while blending in their own, unique sound.

Previously, Son of Cabe have featured on BBC Music Introducing: The South, and performed at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. The boys are now back with their newest release, ‘Whistler’.

After frontman Conor McCabe felt the world around him beginning to develop into a miserable, unhappy place with the events of the past months, his desire to get away from it became more significant. With ‘Whistler’ he broke away from the negativity building up around him, returning his focus to the positive things in life. Wanting to get away from the toxic environment surrounding him, McCabe says:

“the song describes the idea of running away with someone to a better place.”

The beautiful, clear vocals of the intro, supported by the warm and gentle sound of the electric guitar, build the intro of ‘Whistler’. Dominant drums join in for the refrain, supporting the strong vocals, and creating the catchy upbeat sound of the track which grabs you straight away.


With lyrics expressing a feeling most can relate to, the single captures your attention and is able to transport you away from day-to-day worries, encouraging imagination of a better place.