Artist Spotlight | A Summer Anthem from Conrad Ashton

Conrad Ashton is a fresh new artist who is not afraid to write and sing what he believes in. He is unfiltered and completely himself, with a no-nonsense approach to music. His new song, ‘Those Were the Days’, is a stellar track which really showcases his abilities as both a musician and a songwriter.

It fuses together all the elements of modern rock and pop that we have come to love. The song starts off slow, giving us a softer, acoustic guitar-focused track, before suddenly moving into a more upbeat Mumford and Sons or Beatles style sound—the instrumental here will definitely shift your mood up a gear or two.

It takes on a modern rock vibe with an overarching pop feel to it. ‘Those Were the Days’ is well crafted with the verses being almost softer than the choruses. This allows the track to explore a more classic structure, as the song builds closer and closer to its climax with a louder, stronger sound.


The chorus is a a particular standout, with well-crafted vocals flowing over powerful guitar and drums. You cannot miss the individual styling Conrad Ashton is showcasing on this track. The bridge flips ‘Those Were the Days’ on its head again by adding a stop-start kind of approach.

The song finishes strong with a guitar solo really highlighting the original craftsmanship of the track. This helps to push the song into a lane of its own in, separating Conrad Ashton’s music from what we are used to hearing in the charts today.

Last year, Conrad Ashton put together a playlist for HeadStuff, showcasing his musical influences and songwriting inspirations. You can check out the playlist and accompanying article here for a deeper insight into his creative process and the life experiences that have driven him to pursue a career in music.

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