Best ABBA Hits and Performances of All Time

ABBA, an iconic Swedish pop ensemble renowned worldwide for its incredible songs and live shows, has left a lasting impression on millions. We will examine why these ABBA performances were so captivating and how they enchanted audiences with just one note! To explore this, we are taking you through ten classic renditions that shaped this remarkable group’s success. 

From brightly colored costumes to mesmerizing stage presence, uncovering all aspects that made each performance unique in its way. 

ABBA’s Greatest Hits

It’s clear to see that the original ABBA group was incredibly talented in creating their indelible hits such as “Dancing Queen,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Waterloo,” which have captivated fans for decades. The quartet comprised of Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad has inspired multiple tribute bands worldwide so that many can enjoy their incredible music. 

Dancing Queen (1976)

The iconic song “Dancing Queen” from ABBA is undoubtedly one of their most beloved songs. Incorporating catchy hooks, a captivating disco beat inspired by George McCrae’s hit “Rock Your Baby,” and the drum patterns found on Dr. John’s Gumbo album has kept fans dancing to this timeless classic for decades now. 


Its popularity lives on through its appearances in many films and television shows and numerous covers made by other artists that demonstrate just how influential this music truly is – cementing ABBA among pop music royalty!

Waterloo (Eurovision 1974)

ABBA rose to international fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with “Waterloo” in 1974, one of the best Eurovision performances, and that moment continues to define them today. Their catchy tune, memorable chorus, and powerful vocals captivated millions of fans across all nations. The victory was a defining point for ABBA as their music solidified its place among the greatest pop hits ever written by Sweden’s most popular band.

The iconic performance remains one of the best-remembered pieces during Eurovision while also showcasing ABBA’s remarkable ability to create songs that have crossed borders over time. Leave an indelible mark on music history worldwide.

Mamma Mia (1975)

ABBA’s song “Mamma Mia” is a perfect example of their knack for making unforgettable pop melodies that have stood the test of time. Telling the story of a girl inviting her three potential fathers to her wedding, this classic track has become one of ABBA’s best-known singles due to its irresistible hook and soulful vocal harmonies. Whenever fans hear it, they exclaim, “mama mia!” and it seems clear why. Pulsing choruses packed with energy make “Mamma Mia” an absolute joy to listen to!

The influence that this unique piece holds in both popular culture, as well as musical history, cannot be understated – while appearing on screen or onstage countless times over, there are also hundreds upon hundreds of covers made by various artists throughout the years who all wish to showcase ABBA’s incomparable genius when writing feel-good hits like “Mamma Mia”. No matter which form you experience it through, everyone can agree. The legacy left behind by such an iconic tune continues strong today!

The Winner Takes It All (1980)

ABBA has shown incredible talent in creating heartfelt music that defies the barriers of time and genre, as exemplified by their iconic ballad “The Winner Takes It All”. This sorrowful song delves into the end of a relationship by featuring intense French chanson-meers Variété française arrangements and dramatic strings accompaniments. 

Lyrics accompanied by emotive vocal performances from each band member combine to create a powerful musical motif that enhances its emotionally gripping impact. This chart-topping single is among ABBA’s most well-known songs today. Proving how successful they are at crafting profound tunes filled with emotion.

SOS (1975)

Fältskog’s compelling alto voice and the sparse synthesizer lines set a poignant tone for ABBA’s renowned track, “SOS.” This song displays its hallmark sound and some extraordinary harmonies in its minor-key verses before shifting to an uplifting major-key chorus that captivates listeners every time they hear it. 

It was through performing this hit on American Bandstand that I cemented ABBA’s growing fame in America, with the single making Billboard Top 20 chart entries and becoming a UK top 10 favorite – proof of how remarkable the musicality of “SOS” is even now over 40 years later!

Fernando (1976)

The instantly successful song “Fernando”, composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus for Frida’s album “Frida Ensam”, has become an iconic ABBA classic cherished worldwide. 

This ballad evokes a profound sense of friendship and nostalgia through its beautiful harmonies and memorable chorus, demonstrating the band’s aptitude for creating music that emotionally resonates with their fans. The beloved tune continues to be celebrated worldwide after all these years as a testament to its timeless appeal.

Chiquitita (1979)

The inspiring words and music of ABBA’s “Chiquitita,” a Spanish term for ‘little one,’ have made it an enduring favorite among fans worldwide. The emotional ballad is designed to encourage someone feeling down or struggling. Its uplifting message, paired with melodic harmonies and a powerful chorus, makes this song truly special. 

It’s clear that ABBA was able to capture something very meaningful in their songwriting; combining heartfelt lyrics with memorable tunes has created a lasting impact on listeners everywhere.

Voulez-Vous (1979)

The power of “Voulez-Vous” to captivate listeners has been undiminished since its release on ABBA’s 1979 album. The irresistible dance music features a driving beat, saxophone solo, and an enduring chorus that is still heard at parties worldwide today. 

Covers by numerous other artists and appearances in movies and television shows demonstrate how powerful this song truly is – from a testament to the timelessness of their craftsmanship, ABBA have cemented themselves firmly into popular culture with this track alone. Fans everywhere flock to it for its catchy hook, physical longing vibe, and intense energy creating unforgettable moments with each spin!

Super Trouper (1980)

ABBA’s iconic 1980 album “Super Trouper” contains the universally beloved title track, which captures its creators’ signature sound. This song conveys what it is like to be a performer living under the pressures of fame, with lyrics exploring feelings of solitude and lack of anonymity. The name itself references an overhead lighting system used on stages during performances.

The immensely popular “Super Trouper” demonstrates ABBA’s exceptional ability to write unforgettable pop tunes that speak deeply to listeners. Its singable tune, intense vocal delivery, and significant lyricism, make this hit into one forever cherished by both musicians as well fans alike.

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  1. Scott says

    As an American being around many relatives of Swiss German descent, and a father who loved all kinds of music, European music was inescapable growing up. ABBA was certainly a part of that mix. I enjoyed reading your article, and am familiar with all these songs which are great examples of the band’s talent. In my opinion however, this list is not complete without the masterpiece “When All Is Said And Done”. I admit that first listen reaction of “The Winner Takes It All” back in 1980 was a gut punch. Faltskog’s take on it was a sure fire strike of a hammer on the heart. However, what balanced out this sorrowful song, was the flip side of that same coin which was “When All Is Said And Done”. The track was a resounding answer from mourning the loss of a relationship, to a defiant resignation of that relationship by someone that would not be overwhelmed, or taken down completely by the loss of it. One can only mourn so long, but then must ‘rise, shake their head, get up and ask for more’. Lyngstad nailed that song, just as equally as potent and emotive as its mournful counter part by Faltskog. I was glad The Visitors was released after Super Trouper, and before their long hibernation. That song provided the “non-winner” of an ended relationship with a leg to stand on!

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