HeadStuff’s Best New Irish Music | 9 Best Tracks Of October

Another month, another excellent selection of the best new tracks and artists around the country. HeadStuff’s Best New Irish Music is back to name the latest and greatest for the month that was October 2022.

Oh, and don’t forget – if you missed our August or September editions, you can catch up and follow along on Spotify with our Best New Irish Music playlist which includes all of the below and much more.

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at what made October another cracking month for Irish music.

‘Carry Weight’ – Kormac

The lead single from Kormac’s forthcoming album Equivalent Exchange finds a captivating space between soaring electronica and the acoustic soundscapes which the composer has built for TV and film soundtracks over the past decade.


Along with this starring turn from Loah on ‘Carry Weight’, Equivalent Exchange will feature a host of guest vocalists as well as the Irish Chamber Orchestra – it’s out on November 11th.

‘Boots’ – Pretty Happy

What a month November is set to be for Pretty Happy.

The art-punk trio from Cork have been making waves all year and just a couple of days removed from supporting the legendary Pavement in Vicar Street, the band will release their debut EP Echo Boy on November 14th.

Lead single ‘Boots’ is a suitably chaotic affair to set the tone.

‘Velodrome’ – Chalk

A relentless, pulsating blast of industrial dance-punk, the second single from Belfast trio Chalk channels Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy in a thrilling hybrid.

Even more impressive than visceral debut track ‘Them’ back in March, ‘Velodrome’ is irrefutable evidence that Chalk are ones to watch as we look towards major Irish releases for 2023.

‘Every Night’ – Ways Of Seeing

A new project from singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist James O Donnell, Ways Of Seeing was created after O Donnell converted the attic in his childhood home into a recording studio during the pandemic.

The standout moment from debut album End Comes To Light, ‘Every Night’ casts an enchanting and cathartic spell as its gloomy synthpop is contrasted with an uplifting message about gaining perspective through self-discovery.

‘The Wetlands’ – Aoife Wolf

On the title track taken her highly anticipated debut EP release this November, Aoife Wolf takes us on an atmospheric deep dive into the murky midlands from which she hails.

A stirring slice of psych-folk, the follow up single to ‘The Woman Who Shot Andy Warhol’ is perfectly complimented by its eerie visual accompaniment below.

‘Got Let Go’ – The SMC

Kildare pairing Morris Faderlum & Tommy Inowan are brewing “sparklecore thrash” as The Saturday Morning Cartoons AKA The SMC, and the first of four planned EP releases dropped this past month with A Shock For Jimmy.

Check out the excellent video below for lead single ‘Got Let Go’.

‘Please Don’t Start The Fun’ – Ispini na hEireann

Another highlight from debut album The Hard Working Men which dropped this past Friday, the second single from Ispini na hEireann finds the trad-punk duo mulling the relative highs and lows of lockdown.

‘Please Don’t Start The Fun’ is a supremely joyful sing along that ultimately celebrates post-pandemic life and returning to the session.

‘Red Mist’ – Video Blue

Dundalk born, London based artist Jim O Donoghue Martin is set to release his third album as Video Blue this month.

With its beguiling mix of guitar pop and ambient electronics, ‘Red Mist’ makes a convincing argument not to miss The Pull when it drops on November 18th.

‘Rough Edges’ – Joshua Burnside

Another must hear EP arriving on November 18th is the second release from experimental folk songwriter Joshua Burnside as he unveils Late Afternoon In The Meadow (1887) midway through the month.

‘Rough Edges’ arrived just a couple of weeks ago, and is easily one of Burnside’s greatest compositions yet as he drops the experimental touches of his earlier work on a gorgeous finger picked ballad that examines a relationship in crisis.

It’s the most intimate yet powerful display of the Belfast native’s enormous talent to date, yet you get the feeling that Burnside is just beginning to demonstrate what he is capable of.

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