HeadStuff’s Best New Irish Music | 11 Best Tracks Of September

We kicked off our Best New Irish Music series here at HeadStuff last month with a cracking playlist covering the ten best tunes of August, and we’re going one better for September with eleven of the finest songs around the land.

Boasting a wealth of homegrown talent across a wide mix of genres, our continuously updated playlist is your one stop shop to keep yourself in the loop on the most essential Irish artists you’ve got to hear, so be sure to follow along on Spotify to keep apprised of the very best in Irish music every month.

Here is HeadStuff’s Best New Irish Music of September 2022.

‘Literary Mind’ – Sprints

One of the most infectious singles to date from garage-punk rockers Sprints, ‘Literary Mind’ finds frontwoman Karla Chubb and bassist Sam McCann sharing vocal duties, with the pair dueling atop the irresistibly energetic guitar blasts that the Dublin quartet have made a signature these past couple of years.


‘A Thousand Lives’ – The Murder Capital

The darkly cathartic post-punk of The Murder Capital is set for a big return in January 2023, with the band announcing their second album Gigi’s Recovery will drop in the new year. This atmospheric second single from the forthcoming sequel to 2019’s When I Have Fears reveals a deeper focus on layered electronic elements which the Dubliners have hinted will feature heavily on the new record.

‘This Still Life’ – Aoife Nessa Frances

We named Aoife Nessa Frances’ alluring debut Land Of No Junction one of the best Irish albums of 2020, and there’s every reason to expect even greater things from Protector when it arrives on October 28th. On ‘This Still Life’ Frances details her escape to rural Ireland for the writing and recording of her second LP, with the songwriter’s evocative lyricism backed by the nostalgic 60’s style psychedelic rock that won so many plaudits on her debut.

‘Love Of Your Life’ – Kynsy

Our man Will Mac Aoidh reviewed Kynsy’s ultracool alt-pop EP Something To Do With Love earlier this month, and here’s what he had to say on its standout track:

We leave Kynsy’s world in grand fashion with ‘Love of Your Life’, a blend of the classic jazz-pop song with a pinch of indie & alternative. It makes for a phenomenal outro and perfect summary to an EP that is practically glowing with personality, intelligence & craftsmanship.

‘eight hours (James Vincent McMorrow Remix) – Maria Kelly, James Vincent McMorrow

The final instalment of Maria Kelly’s alternative ‘Postcard’ versions to 2021’s the sum of the in-between sees James Vincent McMorrow reimagine the finger plucked acoustics of ‘eight hours’ in a disco infused remix that bathes Kelly’s track in a shimmering new light.

‘Kerosene’ – Biig Piig

Described by Jessica Smyth as “my own hot girl summer anthem tbh”, the tripped out electro-house of ‘Kerosene’ is just the first track dropped as part of an unnamed wider project in the works.

This spacey visualizer is a fitting accompaniment to Piig’s latest mind melting bop.

‘Walking Home Alone’ – Daithi

There’s no shortage of standout features on I’m Here Now from Ailbhe Reddy to Tandem Felix to Neil Dexter, but the most essential element in Daithi’s ever expanding repertoire remains his ability to hit hard without words. Witness the producer in all his glory on the crashing waves of synth that ‘Walking Home Alone’ unleashes midway through the spectacular third record from the Clare native.

‘Boring Bread’ – Trick Mist

The second album from Trick Mist arrived this past September, and what a gift it is for electronic and experimental fans. We’ve got an in depth interview with Gavin Murray coming your way very soon, and here’s an exclusive sneak peak detailing the more melodic approach to The Hedge Maze And The Spade, which is especially evident in hauntingly majestic highlight ‘Boring Bread’:

The new album is rooted largely in the past and deals with delicate emotional themes and conjures landscapes rooted in both reality and the surreal so the sonic environment had to reflect that. Things ended up being softer, offering more space for the lyrics. Melody came into the picture again as a means of serving the lyrics.”

‘Mannequin’ – Anna Mieke

Possessing all of the fragile beauty that informed the immaculately woven folk compositions on Anna Mieke’s 2020 debut Idle Mind, ‘Mannequin’ is our first glimpse into Theatre. Arriving in mid-November, this highly anticipated eight track LP is perfectly timed for winter nights and is sure to be another gorgeous collection of dream-like soundscapes.

‘Talk To Joe’ – Ispíní na hÉireann

The lead single from forthcoming debut The Hard Working Men (dropping October 28th) is a brilliant slice of modern trad, bursting with all the sly wit and charismatic charm you’ll know Ispíní na hÉireann for, provided you’ve had the privilege of a live session with Tomás Mulligan and Adam J. Holohan. If not, don’t fear – the duo’s raucous take on traditional Irish balladry translates perfectly to a studio setting, as evidenced by ‘Talk To Joe’ and its tragicomic take on Irish society.

Mulligan expands on the songs concept:

“We wrote ‘Talk to Joe’ following my time working at RTÉ’s Liveline for a brief stint. There I got to screen the calls and pursue stories… While the lyrics are inspired by real stories, these have been sufficiently altered to protect the extremely guilty.”

Ahead of the album’s release in October, second single ‘Please Don’t Start The Fun’ arrives October 7th and is another one not to miss.

‘Smiling Like An Idiot’ – Sorcha Richardson

Laoise Slattery explains why this title track is such a fitting conclusion to Richardson’s sophomore record on her review of Smiling Like An Idiot from this past September:

“As the album comes to a close, the sweetness of love, both romantic and platonic, is woven through the title track. On ‘Smiling Like an Idiot’, Richardson is euphoric and full of optimism. The future belongs to her and her friends. Within the context of this stunning sophomore album, it’s not hard to see why.”

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