EP Review | Indie-Pop Quartet Humble Braggers Excite on Cycle

Cycle, is the brand-new extended-play from indie-pop quartet Humble Braggers. The EP features six-tracks and was released via Admirable Traits.

From the get-go Cycle, brings an infectious uplifting feeling. It’s propelled by driving beats and soaring vocals of frontman Tom Burtless. The entire body of work is fuelled by a dynamic energy, making it a worthy listen.

‘Reckless’ kick-starts the EP with a banger. Inspired by bad decisions and regretful times, the automatic floor stomping track has disco vibes along with sparkling synth-driven hooks and a funky bassline. Tom pours his very being into this track while pushing himself to great lengths to create this masterpiece.


‘Am I Okay?’ sees more of Tom’s sweeping vocals along with whirring hooks. The indulgent, groovy track blends poignant and night club style perfectly together with a mix that captures the dance-pop flavour. Mental health is the game changer fuelled with synth soundscapes in an interesting way. He questions, “Am I okay? / I just need some time / Am I okay? / I might need to lie,” while exploring an anxious time. The song almost feels like a therapy session for the singer as he flows throughout the ‘what ifs’ in the song.

‘Moon’ is driven with an electro-pop instrumental.

The title-track ‘Cycle’ has wowing soundscapes that show the extended-play thus far is filled with infectious anthems.

‘Rules’ has an eclectic fusion of sounds compared to the rest of the collection. It’s a stand-out track with it’s burst of energy.

The band’s closing track ‘What Now?’ finds the band exploring further sounds, instrumental, and newness, while keeping to their original sound. They’re ever-so changing, but remaining the same. It’s remarkable to see their transition into each record. It’s a great ending song for the EP.

The vibrant release of the alternative and indie infused instrumental showcase their effortless strengths. The band fuse past and present music styles creating their own unique sound that is an almost reflection of 80’s music. They’re synth-driven and drenched in guitar-driven licks with excellent music and rhythm. Cycle, finds the band expanding on their musicality and songwriting growth. And if you are a fan of Depeche Mode, New Order, Peaches, and The Knife, this EP is something for you.

Humble Braggers formed in 2013. The band consists of vocalist Tom Burtless, synth player Thomas Stoklosa, bass player Bryan Zellis, and drummer Matt Chavanne. Cycle, follows their previous EPs Safe Haven, and Disposable Friend, along with their album I Know Better, I’m No Better.