Gap Series by Trick Mist | 2 | Tummy Speak

Trick Mist is an Irish electronic songwriter based in Manchester. Coinciding with his debut EP ‘Jars in Rows’, Trick Mist presents his ‘Gap Series’. These are videos made for Trick Mist’s music but without his involvement in the process. Multiple artists were invited to respond to a song from the EP and in turn create a reactionary piece of video work based solely on their perception.

Trick Mist -The EP is very observational in nature. I think that’s because I was a new resident to Manchester. Each song on the EP explores specific topics. Change, love, value systems, escapism and acceptance all get a run out. I had this constant image of them all lined up beside each other hence the title ‘Jars in Rows’.

Tummy Speak

‘Tummy Speak’ is a song about the feeling of love and, more specifically, how it impacts on us physically. Whether we chase after it, we fight to keep it or it grazes off us fleetingly, it’s a feeling that connects us all. The song, its images and its sentiments explore these states and the spaces between them.

Here is the video created by Musician and Visual Artist Jim O’Donoghue Martin.


[youtube id=”m6b-cCElZtA” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”702"]

Here’s what he had to say about the process…

Jim O’Donoghue Martin

Tummy Speak is a very stirring song.

My initial visual ideas were to try to conjure up a subterranean, or even otherworldy, half asleep DIY lo-fi, sci-fi visual accompaniment. Sonically the song doesn’t quite feel of this planet, but the subject matter is very much human.

Lyrically, Trick Mist’s words, for me, take on themes of germination, growth and change. The butterflies and anticipation one can feel in their gut via love, life and adversity were very much in mind.

I felt if I could hint at the broadness of the themes touched upon, while creating a loose, and visually ambient narrative, I could provide a fitting tapestry that serves the track.

I utilised stock images of old stop-animations of conception, as well as videos I took myself. There is a satisfying pace to the visuals, moving up and slowing down; a sort of pleasant listlessness that is hung together by the abstracted presence of Gav’s lip syncing (I use the term ‘syncing’ broadly!)

In terms of technique, in my mind I was applying some kind of Arte Povera notion; using what I had despite not having made moving images for a video before. I work primarily in recorded music and painting so I thought if I could soak up the things I like and execute this with a sort of abstract expressionist flair, I might be okay.

I filmed Gavin mouthing the words to me on Skype, he in Manchester, me in London.

My old computer had a big crack in its screen, which produced a semi-kaleidoscopic pixellated effect when I Skyped people. I loved that aesthetic. I toyed around with filming people on it before, asking them to lean their eyes right into the webcam. When Gavin approached me about this project, it was the first ‘technique’ that occurred to me.

I then degenerated the appearance of the footage, much like I had with the rest of the video, through a process of filming, filming and re-filming.

The reception is damaged and distorted but the ideas of germination, growth and change hopefully translate. I found this grungy look a nice juxtaposition with the clarity of the song itself.


About Jim O’Donoghue Martin:

Jim is a Fine art graduate from the Limerick School of Art & Design.
Currently the Dundalk native makes music under the name Video Blue, recording all of the music in his east London bedroom.
2015 has seen the release of 2 EP’s; ‘More Pop Troubles’ (released on cassette via US indie Wiener Records) and September’s ‘Simmer’.

‘Jars in Rows’ EP is out nowTrick Mist Jars in Rows -