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Trick Mist is an Irish electronic songwriter based in Manchester. Coinciding with his debut EP ‘Jars in Rows’, Trick Mist presents his ‘Gap Series’. These are videos made for Trick Mist’s music but without his involvement in the process. Multiple artists were invited to respond to a song from the EP and in turn create a reactionary piece of video work based solely on their perception.

Trick Mist -The EP is very observational in nature. I think that’s because I was a new resident to Manchester. Each song on the EP explores specific topics. Change, love, value systems, escapism and acceptance all get a run out. I had this constant image of them all lined up beside each other hence the title ‘Jars in Rows’.

Your Brass Angel

‘Your Brass Angel’ is a song which explores value systems. In 2015 varying codes of conscience were floating around the place with the general election in the UK and the marriage equality referendum in Ireland. Although the song acknowledges a certain current ‘us’ and ‘them’ division and resides within an assured angry perspective, it ultimately strives to question whether disparate values share common ground.

Here is the video created by Graham Patterson


[youtube id=”mpiFsYvRjiY” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”702"]

Here’s what he had to say about the process…

Graham Patterson

For tracks that consist of electronic beats and experiments in sounds and textures, there is a strong songwriting core to Trick Mist’s music. Similar to his approach of putting lyrics on equal grounds as his music, I wanted to make a video that drew attention to his words that somehow visually represented his sonic style.

The song deals with conflicting beliefs and opinions and the idea that these values might “share common ground” caught my interest. Around the same time I had come across Samuel Beckett’s 1972 play, ’Not I’, where a monologue was performed on stage by one actor with only their mouth visible to the audience. I loved how this looked and saw how I could translate it into my own video. I imagined multiple mouths representing all these various voices and opinions. When you see that they are in fact the same mouth, it reveals the commonalities that each voice holds. This is how you end up with a video that has your mouth floating across the screen for four minutes.

The resulting video was made using chroma-key to separate my mouth from the surrounding picture with blue face paint, applied by Charles Hendy.

Trick Mist Your Brass Angels -

Graham Patterson is a video artist, director, and editor, currently working as a sound effects editor at Telegael, Galway. View his work at: email: [email protected]

‘Jars in Rows’ EP is out nowTrick Mist Jars in Rows -