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Trick Mist is an Irish electronic songwriter based in Manchester. Coinciding with his debut EP ‘Jars in Rows’, Trick Mist presents his ‘Gap Series’. These are videos made for Trick Mist’s music but without his involvement in the process. Multiple artists were invited to respond to a song from the EP and in turn create a reactionary piece of video work based solely on their perception.

Trick Mist -The EP is very observational in nature. I think that’s because I was a new resident to Manchester. Each song on the EP explores specific topics. Change, love, value systems, escapism and acceptance all get a run out. I had this constant image of them all lined up beside each other hence the title ‘Jars in Rows’.

Cracking Settlement

‘Cracking Settlement’ is a song about escapism. It conjures multiple images, centered around escapist scenarios and in doing so questions how far the positivity of escapism extends.

Here is the video created by Graham Patterson.


[youtube id=”qOnHvKBao8I” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”702"]

Here’s what he had to say about the process…..

Graham Patterson

This is the second video I was asked to do for Trick Mist’s ‘Gap Series’, following ‘Your Brass Angel’. I felt its themes of escapism very much resonating with me at the time I received the track. I wanted to convey these themes through not exactly what was presented, but by how it was presented.

In this case, I shot my walk home by the coast with my phone. With nothing but a torch to light the scene, it gave a spotlight view of the walk, which I sped up to give a restless, unsettled feel to the video. I inverted the picture colours to negative at the halfway mark to correspond with the music’s change of tone with the introduction of the tin whistle. This part of the song has great emotional depth and I think the negative image helps convey that with an impressionist’s view of the same journey.

In a kind of abstract way, I feel as if I’ve created a snapshot that represents a certain feeling, in the time and place in which I made this video, that relates to me and the song.

Graham Patterson is a video artist, director, and editor, currently working as a sound effects editor at Telegael, Galway. View his work at: Email: [email protected]

‘Jars in Rows’ EP is out nowTrick Mist Jars in Rows -