‘There Is A Light’ in aid of First Fortnight

There is a light, compilation album, mental health, green ribbon campaign, mental health, jacob stack, - HeadStuff.orgFirst Fortnight, formed in 2009,  is a charity-based organisation with the expressed aim of challenging mental health prejudice through the creative arts.

So, this is a good thing.

Now. What they’ve gone and done is, they’ve teamed up with Bluestack Records and put together a compilation album. Not just any compilation – a brilliant compilation album. Which, let’s be honest, is the only way to put together a compilation album when you want to get anything done. This is not “Now, That’s What I Call Music! 267“.

The idea is to get people talking about mental health as part of this year’s Green Ribbon campaign.


There Is A Light features 20 Irish and international acts, including Choice Music Prize nominees O Emperor, Si Schroeder, Windings and Crayonsmith. TWENTY songs! Brilliant.

The album is available in a variety of digital formats from May 6th. And seeing as I’m writing this on the 7th of May… it means it’s available now. Which means you could do with a link. All of the money from people, excellent people, like you, who buy the album will go to First Fortnight as part of the Green Ribbon Campaign. This is all good stuff. Green Ribbon is a social movement to encourage a national conversation about mental health. You, you, album purchaser, you’re a really good person and you should feel proud of yourself. Pat yourself on the back (after you’ve bought the album).*

Now, you want to know more cool stuff? No problem. There is an exclusive launch gig featuring There is a Light artists in Whelan’s, Dublin on Thursday May 29th.

Other acts featured on There Is A Light include Dylan Tighe, The Altered Hours, Sacred Animals, Hidden Highways, Ambience Affair, The Casanova Wave, Christof and Winter Aid and an exclusive new track from SlowPlaceLikeHome. The result is a diverse and unique album comprised of some of Ireland’s finest songwriters, musicians and artists who have submitted their works to the project for FREE. This is their job, and they did it for free. Cool, no? What do you do? Do you work in the bank? Would you do a day’s work for free? No, probably not, no one’s asking you to, instead you could buy this album. Are you a surgeon? Would you perform heart surgery for free? You probably would in an emergency. Because you’re a cool person. Like the soundheads who buy the album. See, it all comes full circle.

For more information on the work this project supports visit firstfortnight.ie and seechange.ie.

Download There is a Light here.

Bonus items include a digital copy of the original album artwork by Irish artist Jacob Stack who has a portfolio of his excellent work on HeadStuff here. He’s pure class and everyone either loves him or wants to be him. And he’s tall.
*Under no circumstances should you pat yourself on the back before you buy the album.