EP Review | PJ Galvin’s Vocals Match the Incredible Instrumentals on Scenes

Scenes, is the brand-new three-track extended-play from Irish musician PJ Galvin. The debut EP features ‘To Dry’, ‘Cold’, and ‘When I Get Old’.

There is a great atmosphere throughout the creative body of work that truly flourishes from beginning to end. He demonstrates his versatility and differentness from the synth-pop kick-start to the effortless stripped-back ending.

Opening the collection of songs ‘To Dry’ features a bellowing chorus that blooms the reserving song. There are 80’s electronic beats included with the fascinating instrumental. It begins the EP with a lot of anticipation and flavouring on what’s yet to come.

‘Cold’ continues the excellent songwriting and anticipation with poppy synths that will make you want to keep on dancing.


‘When I Get Old’ closes out the EP with a radio-friendly beat. It’s more mellow compared to the previous songs. But once the beat kicks in, the bluesy tone feels more poppier.

Throughout the three-tracks his love and admiration for his craft is perfectly displayed. Each track has an infectious stand-out moment with an anthemic flavouring. The poppy beats with a bite shows he doesn’t go overboard with anything but keeps it plain and simple. The songs all have something different, yet similar.  The entire EP showcases a lot of diversity, with an excellent progression of his evolution from beginning to end. His authentic self as an artist is only full display.

His vocals match the incredible instrumental. With a combination of electronic beats, synths, guitar hooks, and his voice, he successfully created a masterpiece. It showcases the multi-talented artists work overall.

Each track sees a progression from the musician. The development as a songwriter and producer is found from the first track. In the space of the short few songs in which he wrote, produced and made, the end product is a wonderful body of work that is extraordinary.

The self-titled EP Scenes, is the solo effort was created by Irish musician PJ Galvin; Scenes is a guitar-driven, pop act that describes his sound as “DIY, bedroom-produced music,” which is truly believable in the three-track EP.