New Music Weekly #26 | U.S. Girls, Yaeji, The Breeders

New Music Weekly is your one stop shop for new releases in the world of music each and every week. From the best of the best, to some of the rest, Mark Conroy is here to give you the lowdown on what you might have missed. This week: U.S. Girls, Yaeji, The Breeders and more…

For Everest ‘Hesitation’

New York’s For Everest reignite the flames of the pacific northwest sound on ‘Hesitation’. A lovesick, lo-fi stomp, the track is built of a twangy guitar lines reminiscent of The Microphones as it thunderously opens with grunge in its DNA. After the intro it simmers into a hole-like anguish with some drums kicking up the best kind of fuss as vocalist Sarah Cowell despairs at the death of a relationship.   

Tennis ‘I Miss That Feeling’

The Indie-pop championing husband and wife team of Tennis return with an exquisite slice of easy listening. A charming mix between the sweetest of 70’s pop balladry and the contemporary gleam of modern indie, ‘I Miss that Feeling’ is laced with the bittersweet taste of looking back on something that’s now gone but also taking solace in the fact that it was ever there in the first place. The track will appear on Tennis’ We Can Die Happy EP, out later this year.  

U.S. Girls ‘Mad as Hell’

It’s very possible that Meghan Remy’s newest song as U.S Girls gets its title from an iconic line from the twisted black satire Network. Just like Peter Finch’s now infamously unhinged monologue from the film, ‘Mad as Hell’ is an absurdly scathing polemic on the state of things—the video stars Remy as a first lady to an empty shell of a president. This isn’t just an indictment of Trump, but rather of the cynical nature of American history and it’s conveyer belt that supplies leaders who smile for the cameras while lying through their teeth. “You wore it well, no one could tell the situation was hell” she scorns in line that could be about Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan or either Bush. A disco veined stomp, this is like ABBA for the disillusioned college graduate.


Yaeji ‘Drink I’m Sippin On’

South Korean songstress and producer returns with one of her strongest efforts. ‘Drink I’m Sippin On’ has a trap heartbeat but it’s really a pop song that just doesn’t know it. Yaeji has a slow, deadpan delivery that seeps its way into your ear canal by osmosis.  She knows she’s no rapper, but her voice can complement the melodic dirge of the production.

King Krule ‘Half Man Half Shark’

After ‘Czech One’ and ‘Dum Surfer’, King Krule continues his trend of making rock music that might be best played in the depths of a catacombs. It’s pitch-black, cryptic and yet somehow, you might still get away with dancing along to it.

The Breeders ‘Wait In the Car’

The Breeders’ long-awaited comeback single is engaging and fairly standard, but compared to what The Pixies have been putting out recently, it’s a revelation. At the very least, Kim Deal probably made the right choice sticking with her sister’s band. A 90’s throwback with just the right amount of attitude, ‘Wait in the car’ is more than just an excuse to get the band back together.

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