New Music Weekly #16 | The War On Drugs, Wolf Parade & ASAP Twelvey

New Music Weekly is your one stop shop for new releases in the world of music each and every week. From the best of the best, to some of the rest, Mark Conroy is here to give you the low down on what you might have missed. This week; The War on Drugs, Tyler the Creator, Wolf Parade and more…

The War on Drugs ‘Strangest Thing’

The War on Drugs  make the Springsteen comparisons too easy at times, but at their best, they sound like  a Nebraskatrack with an added bit of oomph. All of their singles for upcoming album A Deeper Understandinghave been stellar, and latest ‘Strangest thing’ is no different. It’s a steely slow-burner with enough atmosphere to fill outer space itself until it crescendos at about the halfway- point, as the track transcends into a swirling, symphonic epic.

Phoebe Bridgers ‘Motion Sickness’

A purveyor of intimate indie, Phoebe Bridgers announced this week that she will be releasing her debut album this September, and with the announcement came a new song. ‘Motion Sickness’ is like Frankie Cosmos with bite, a scornful postcard to someone who once mattered a whole heck of a lot. “I hate you for what you did/ And I miss you like a little kid” Bridgers admits in an emotional daze.

Patience ‘White of an eye’

It takes about .01 of a second to guess what musical era Patience is channeling. ‘White of an eye’ is dripping with enough 80’s sheen, it’s spilling keytairs all over the carpet. The guitar lines are New Order, the spindly synths are Yazoo, but the tracks undeniable charm is only its own.


Oneothrix Point Never ‘Leaving the Park’

The film Good Time a hyper-stylised gritty genre piece about desperate attempt to redeem a mistake after a bank robbery gone wrong.The trailer told us two things, the first being that actor Robert Pattinson will have fully shed the skin of a shiny vampire when people see it, and two, the soundtrack sounds like an opulent, ambient daze . Electronic artist and mouthful Oneothrix Point Never heads up the music and ‘Leaving the park’ doesn’t disappoint.

Wolf Parade ‘Valley Boy’

The surprise release of the week came from beloved Canadian indie rock group Wolf Parade. Last year they reunited to release an EP and now they’ve given us a single to tease an upcoming album.‘Valley Boy’ is an example of the expansive rock pieces they’ve become known for. It’s grand really, reaching and searching but not quite the explosive lead single that some might have been hoping for.

ASAP Twelvey ‘Diamonds(Ft. ASAP Rocky)’

ASAP Twelvey will soon be only the 3rd member of the ASAP mob to release an actual album. This week he gave us a single called ‘Diamonds’ and to give it some added marketability, ASAP Rocky has made an appearance. An unassuming track with a glossy finish, ‘Diamonds’ is interesting mix of more heavy hitting Harlem rap and trip hop stylings of Phantogram, whose ‘Fistful of Diamonds’ is sampled here.

Tyler, The Creator ‘Where this Flower Blooms’

Tyler, The Creator dropped his new album Flower Boy and it’s probably his most mature and accomplished release to date. While still foul mouthed and frenzied, the rapper shows his softer side on a record that sounds like a colourful catharsis. ‘Where this Flower Blooms’, a track that covers the transformative power of hip hop, is one the best examples of the artist distinct and sometimes captivating voice.

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