Album Review | Blueanimal & Figment That Was Me

Blueanimal is a band that emerged from another Orlando outfit called Redwax. The guitarist and bass player, Luke Elms and Matt Lube, formed their own musical nugget from the main gig, and they just released a captivating new concept album about mental health called Figment That Was Me. According to Elms:

“I wrote this as a concept album telling the story of a person descending into and rising out of a battle with depression and the consequences on his relationships, self-image, and all facets of his life.”

Sound-wise, this one is firmly planted in the world of ’90s alt-rock and grunge, with elements of prog and acoustic work supporting the complex nature of the lyrical themes.

‘On My Mind’ shows off the group’s potent yet delicate build-ups via the bombastic, locked-in rhythm section that progressively fuses with fiery guitar leads. This launch takes a sudden halt as everything drops and makes way for Elms’ emphasis on the line, “Sometimes in the dark of my mind”. The statement is both literal and figurative in terms of defining what the audience is in for on this LP.

‘Only a Man’ takes its lead from grunge godfathers Alice in Chains through the dirty riffing and heavy atmospheres supported by crushing lyrics describing mental anguish. A welcome change of tone comes on one of the album’s best, a ballad entitled, ‘What Does It All Mean’, which is led by gentle piano and acoustic lines. The open space allows for Elms’ vocals to take the spotlight, and he proceeds to impress emotionally haunting insights that are counterweighed by a lush string section in the chorus, building evermore on the unique atmosphere.


Some might find the themes on Figment That Was Me difficult to process or enjoy by nature, but they are nonetheless feelings that require expression and release. Certain parts of the record could do with a more varied pace, but it is nonetheless thematically and musically solid, with enough gloomy musings to space out the riff-y elements.