EP Review | Chloe Foy Channels Joni on Callous Copper

Callous Copper is the new EP from Chloe Foy. What do I know about this artist? She has accumulated over 14 million plays on Spotify, received praise from numerous online publications, and will be going on tour in the next month.

I don’t often listen to folk music—or folk music with a string quartet. Chloe Foy has said that she is influenced by Joni Mitchell and it certainly shows on the EP’s first song, ‘Callous Copper’. ‘Callous Copper’ is lyrically intimate, with a timeless quality to it. I’d go as far as to say it is a classic song. The artist’s delivery and range here is nothing short of spectacular. It’s an emotive song, demanding your attention from the start. The strings complement the artist’s voice perfectly. It’s a beautiful combination, quite minimal in its production but spectacular nonetheless.

The EP, while being quite folky, does have a pop feel on certain songs. ‘Never Be The Same Again’ is one of those songs. It’s different to ‘Callous Copper’, with a more dramatic, bittersweet feel both lyrically and musically. Again the arrangement here is minimal, just the strings, guitar, and the artist’s voice. Speaking of her voice, the vocal layering is lovely, and Foy’s transitions to her falsetto range are smooth and effortless. This song has a much more modern tone to it, yet it reminds me of some era that feels like a lifetime ago.


The next couple of songs, while being of a high standard, don’t capture my attention quite like the first two. In saying that, they are both unique—well written, evoking imagery and emotion. Chloe Foy continues to impress with her vocal delivery, often holding notes for an impressive length of time.

The final song on the EP, ‘Borrow From Tomorrow’, is one of my favourites. The guitar makes an appearance again, and all is right with the world. It’s a very mellow song with a beautiful arrangement—quite straightforward, but simple is often better, and this is a prime example. It’s the most accessible song on the EP, very catchy and minimal with a pretty outro.

This EP is album calibre—probably more so than some full-length releases out there. It also sets an incredibly high bar for Foy’s future output, and the folk-pop genre in general. Chloe Foy might be young, but she is years ahead of many peers in terms of her songwriting and lyrical wisdom. Above all else, her voice is incredible and is an experience in itself. I cannot recommend this EP enough.

Callous Copper is out now via AntiFragile.

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