EP Review | The Great Dying Is A Striking Debut From Nadir

What happens when four amazing metallers from hardcore bands like Ocean Dweller and Jagged Vision get together? Well, this means getting back in touch with some old school black metal while adding an innovative twist of other genres. The Great Dying is the debut EP from black metal outfit Nadir and it’s a real treat for metalheads everywhere.

The group’s musicianship stands out across the entire EP—4 tight songs, fully charged with blast beats and powerful riffs. Title track ‘The Great Dying’ opens with classic blast beats, double bass and shrieking vocals, painting an image of foreboding. The song’s repetitive breakdowns instill a feeling of anticipation, teasing the listener. The devil’s riff and throaty vocals lead to the song’s high point, a great solo reminiscent of Opeth.

Next up, the second track, ‘Trishul’, stands true to its name. In Hindu mythology Trishul is said to be the weapon of the god Shiva, who is known as the destroyer of the universe. The song embodies this meaning, driven by crisp riffs, yet retaining that raw sound. These guitar lines are hectic, inconsistent, and utterly enjoyable. Later in the track, drum rolls and machine-like instrumentation act as a call-and-response, leading the listener into a tritone breakdown.


‘Tungetale’ takes us past the halfway mark. A straight-up blaster of a song, the power chords and key changes are a complete change of pace for the The Great Dying. Agitated yet calm, convulsive yet meditative, this song has it all.

Finally, we come to the last track, ‘The Wasteland of Man’. The entire EP builds to this point—a perfect culmination. The song takes inspiration from the previous track, continuing the relay of pitch changes and higher chord progressions. It’s a perfect way to end the EP, weaving in and out of traditional black metal and hardcore thrash.

Overall, this is a great debut and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Nadir.