Album Review | Hudson Taylor Return With Loving Everywhere I Go

It’s been five years since Dublin folk-pop duo Hudson Taylor released their debut album. Now, the Irish brothers, Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor, have released their long-awaited follow-up, Loving Everywhere I Go. The record took three years to create, with the duo aware that their second album had a lot to live up to after their debut, Singing For Strangers.

Listening to the album from start to finish, it’s clear that Hudson Taylor have a natural gift for songwriting. With stories about love, loss, friendship, everyday life, and their travels, the duo certainly put in a lot of work to make this a great release.

‘Feel It Again’ has a carefree, cheerful beat, with an enchanting awakening and beautiful lyrics like, “You can’t feel love until you jump right in,” and, “I’d rather live with the pain than die feeling nothing at all.” Hudson Taylor are true wordsmiths, and musicians with captivating tunes.


‘Back to You’ sees Hudson Taylor return to their roots. It’s a simple, effective addition to the album—just a feelgood folk tune. With trademark harmonies, the ‘heys’ and ‘ohs’ on the chorus, and a storytelling connection, it’s an infectious folk ballad, polished to perfection.

From beginning to end, the multi-instrumental duo showcase their craft on Loving Everywhere I Go. Touring has certainly strengthened their sound, performance, and musical direction. As the album title suggests, they want to be open-minded and embrace new things. It’s a positive attitude to this collection of songs.

‘What Do You Mean’ is about the early days of the duo creating music together. This nostalgia is visually explored in the music video, showing the pair jumping over walls, busking, performing, and making clips. Overall, they’re reflecting on their innocence. Whereas ‘Old Soul’ is a soft track with a simplistic arrangement—and lyricism that makes it a standout song.

Their signature harmonies and musicality appear throughout the album in a more mature way compared to previous work. As the record progresses, there’s a burst of energy with tuneful beats and an optimistic sound overall. With fantastic vocals, instrumentation and groovy production, Hudson Taylor just getting better. This album is wonderfully captivating from the get-go.

Loving Everywhere I Go is more sophisticated than Hudson Taylor’s earlier work. Growth is evident here, giving further purpose to their music. The tracks aren’t too mellow or too upbeat—they are always an easy listen with something for everyone. Listening to the LP, there is a sense of relief.

Hudson Taylor recorded Loving Everywhere I Go in America and Dublin. John Rausch produced the record, finding their signature sound and creating delightful songs for their second full-length album.

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