EP Review | Jamie Lawson Returns With Moving Images

Jamie Lawson is back with his brand new five-track EP, Moving Images. The release is similar to his early work and each track is a heart-wrenching but lovable ballad.

The heartfelt EP opens with ‘A Perfect Year’, which was written as a sentimental ballad for his wife on their first anniversary. Lawson’s distinctive vocal ability and delivery, along with a beautiful string melody, certainly makes for a wonderful introduction.

The first single, ‘She Sings For Me’, has a comfortable, homely feel, with Lawson bringing an indescribable feeling alive through his lyrics and production.


Following this, ‘And You Save Me’ finds Lawson using metaphor to capture the imagination of the listener, singing, “I was chasing after meteorites.” It continues with an outpouring of affection and emotion, a wide-eyed, loving vibe, showcasing Lawson’s effortless songwriting craft and incredible vocal delivery. Next up, ‘I Loved You Then’ is a sad addition to the EP. Lyrically, it muses on memory, with a satisfying string section rounding out the sound.

Finally, ‘Closure’ is both a paradoxical ending and a great closing track. With his solo voice alongside a light piano piece, Lawson wonders:

“What use is closure if you don’t want love to be over?”

It doesn’t appear to be about one specific thing, but potentially many different situations—whether it’s an ex partner, someone you no longer want to see, or a parent.

Moving Images is a new chapter from Lawson, and a romantic account of his relationship. With personal and domestic references throughout, it’s relatable and down to earth. The lyricism throughout the EP is astonishing, progressing the narrative alongside fantastic production.

Although he writes personal songs, each track is also up for interpretation, allowing the listener to relate to any aspect. In comparison to the rest of his musical catalog, it’s a delicate release from Jamie Lawson.

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