Album Review | JZ Replacement Offer Disrespectful Jazz

Looking at music today, JZ Replacement are a perfect fit for what’s missing. Their music is improvisational, leaning towards free-flowing experimental jazz with a lot of energy. Now, with the release of their seven-track album, Disrespectful, fans are in for a treat.

There is definitely a natural chemistry between the duo which bleeds into the music, and because of this close connection, JZ Replacement find common ground in their similar but different appreciation of their art. This is immediately clear from opening track, ‘Displacement A’, which builds steadily to Strigalev’s solo—a furious, breathtaking saxophone piece.

Overall, there’s certainly something fresh about this album, something that sees JZ Replacement evolving their artistry and growing together. For example, there are soft edges to the jazz sounds, veering away from the old school and into something original.


Each instrumental highlights their musical ability with a remarkable energy. Moving from song to song, each one is neatly crafted, working both individually and as part of the whole piece. With influence from the likes of David Bowie, Miles Davis, and Zach Hill, the duo’s precise take on rhythm is perfectly displayed on ‘Five Cymbals for Jamie’.

JZ Replacement blend their tastes and interests on this album, refining their connection to music. The album ends with ‘Take The JZ Train’, showcasing a shared creativity and ending things on an intensely emotional note.

Though imaginative, this record is still an easy listen, without the need to analyse every instrumental piece or lyric. Their imaginative approach is front and centre on each track, letting listeners dream up their own visualisations. It’s an incredible listen from beginning to end, building a sound that’s both unique and familiar.

JZ Replacement are a dynamic outfit and Disrespectful is a seven-track masterpiece. There’s an interesting mix of surreal hip hop and jazz fusion here—combined with splendid lyricism. Above all, Disrespectful is a fascinating album, with a free-flowing touch of experimental instrumentation and perfect production.

JZ Replacement are drummer Jamie Murray and saxophonist Zhenya Strigalev.

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