EP Review | KILNAMANA say Bye Bye With Final Release

It’s always sad to see an artist or band call it a day. In this case, given KILNAMANA’s incredible talent, it’s bittersweet indeed. Thankfully, KILNAMANA’s final release is absolutely flawless.

On Bye Bye, KILNAMANA have created some of the best electronic music I’ve heard in a long time. The EP has a dreamy, glitchy, poppy, hazy electronic sound. Every song is unique, no two tracks sound the same. Different moments conjure thoughts of synthwave and influence from MGMT, Tame Impala, and David Bowie. The duo have created a dreamy atmosphere across all four tracks, but at the same time, the music wouldn’t be out of place in a club. Not the easiest feat to accomplish with clashing styles, but KILNAMANA have nailed it.

Every track on the EP is perfect. Now this might seem hyperbolic, but the standard here is that high. Listening to Bye Bye is a genuine treat. It has everything, built on pretty melodies combined with music straight from an acid-tripping mind. I could go on and on.


‘Hola Amiga’ is the best song musically—and that’s saying something. The bass and synth are a match made in heaven and, while glitchy, it does remind me of Tame Impala a little bit. Despite the clear influence from other artists, the sound here is undeniably KILNAMANA.

The fact that Bye Bye is their last release is a shame, to say the very least. I do hope the pair, either together or apart, make more music in the future because this is an outstanding EP. The level of craft on display here is staggering—meticulous layers of sounds, textures and music.

This is a must listen from KILNAMANA, you’ll be blown away. Good luck to these two, they are insanely talented. I hope it isn’t truly their swansong, but if so, they’ve gone out with a bang.

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