Album Review | Leon Seti & Synth-Pop Solitude on Cobalt

Ethereal, pensive, and theatrical, Leon Seti has returned with another synth-pop gem in ‘Cobalt’. The Italian hit #1 in his nation’s charts with this release, another step towards consolidating his career. Conceptually, the album reflects Seti’s artistic interpretation of cobalt, which he describes as:

“…ice cold…the sounds and the lyrics reflect the depth and wonder of the ocean and the sky. The story is one of solitude in the middle of a huge empty space…”

The album reaches an early peak with ‘Silver Lining’, a track littered with seductive, enchanting vocals and dreamy, grandiose synth work. There are elements of Prince and other ’80s superstars leaking in on this one.

‘Sunflowers’ riffs on a chorus bursting with optimism, reminiscent of George Michael and his entourage of talented backup singers. Mid-way, Seti soars with a nigh-on unbelievably powerful single note, showcasing his prowess while pushing the song towards an emotional peak.


The motion cools off on the ruminating ‘Everything I Had’. Sparse drops of reverb-heavy synths accompany a breathy, broken-sounding Seti.

Electro-pop pulses grace listeners on ‘Paranoia’. With casual ease, Seti’s vocals go from smooth and spider-web thin to epic diva, embellishing an undeniable magnetism that makes this track more than single-worthy.

‘Internectar’ is the only point on the album where Seti comes up lacking. The melody, lyrics, and structure tread too far into the lines of generic pop. There’s little that’s memorable, and the percussive flourishes sprinkled throughout tend to annoy, rather than catalyse the rhythm into something more.

‘In the Darkness’ is true to form, however, delivering punchy beats and addictive hooks over glittery synth lines. The production is top notch, showcasing each instrument in a meticulously designed sound. Also of note are the jazzy bass runs adding an infectious groove to the tune.

Above all, ‘Cobalt’ is a showcase in synth-pop mastery and quite the achievement for Leon Seti. His ability to manipulate pop sensibilities with atmosphere, tension, and diverse instrumentation set him apart in a saturated industry – watch this name as it rises.