EP Review | Satin is Luscious Pop From Nikita Bassi

I consider EPs a taster of things to come and this is no exception from Nikita Bassi. The overall sound of Satin is somewhere between R&B and pop. There are also moments of classical, tropical, indie pop, dream pop and tabla percussion—inspired by her Punjabi-Indian roots. Thankfully, all of these elements blend together well. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how she incorporates this influence more into her output. My only criticism is that I feel some of the tracks could have been stripped down a little bit and given a few tweaks.

That’s certainly not a knock either. Tracks like ‘Satin’, ‘Rescue’, and ‘Golden’ are by far the best on the EP. They are great pieces of music but, at times, I feel they could be a little bit rawer. Her voice is a tour de force and the heavy production distracts from this. While I found the music overly busy at times, I can imagine these songs landing differently in a live setting.

With all that being said, if I were to score this EP out of 10, it would be a 9. That might be surprising given my criticisms, but it’s true. I can’t compare Nikita Bassi to another female artist out there because I feel there is something truly distinctive about her voice. Satin is incredible though, the songwriting is catchy, and I can see why ‘Rescue’ has done so well already, it’s an infectiously catchy song and a real crowd-pleaser.


This is an outstanding release, and for those who listen to more pop music than I do, I’m sure you will love this record—and fall in love with her voice. Satin is a reflective, dreamy, luscious release. The world is Nikita Bassi’s oyster—watch out for her in the future, she’s a generational talent.

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