Single Review | MC YOGI ‘Heaven Is Here’

Once a juvenile delinquent whose life was defined by chaos, drugs, and crime, MC YOGI is now a multi-cultural tour de force on the world stage – both on and offline. Combining the seemingly disparate pursuits of hip-hop and yoga, the MC is on a quest to spread his brand of spiritual fusion to global audiences.

The drama of his youth ended abruptly when he discovered yoga at 18 through a chance encounter. It proved to be a fateful moment: soon after he was travelling to study under Indian gurus and teach classes all over the US. “Spiritual Graffiti”, the MC’s new book, released last September, goes into depth on all the details of his remarkable story.

Yoga’s influence is unmistakable throughout the new single, “Heaven is Here”. Reggae artist Matisyahu collaborated with MC YOGI on this track to make a cultural bridge between beats and rhymes and communal chanting.

What might sound like an impossible mix is surprisingly convincing; MC YOGI’s double-calling is a natural bonding of his multi-faceted method of expression.


The rapper has gathered considerable momentum via a #1 album titled “Ritual Mystical” in August 2016 and multiple visits to the White House to teach yoga to the Obamas. 2018 shows no sign of slowing down – concerts, yoga classes, and book promotions are reaching everywhere from California to Costa Rica.

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