Single Review | WeatheredMan + Danii Roundtree – ‘Too Much To Say I Love You’

‘Too Much to Say I Love You’ is the electrifying new collaborative track by WeatheredMan and Danii Roundtree, taken from the former’s duet album. Described on his SoundCloud page as fond of playing with artists “way cooler than he is”, WeatheredMan has unearthed the ideal foil for his soulful, jazzy pop tunes in Roundtree, whose graceful, poised and brimming-with-confidence vocal stylings fulfil this track’s potential.

The anthemic and groovy opening horn lines act as the perfect motif for the vibe that WeatheredMan was aiming for. Multiple components come to accentuate this approach: the slick-and-sexy talk-singing and the wah-laden, jazzy guitar chords, followed by a dip into more rock-ish elements for the chorus. Very Fun Lovin’ Criminals-esque overall.

The harmonies and contrasting vocal trade-offs never let up their appeal from start to finish as the pair embody the very story that the lyrics are expressing.

Roundtree’s nuance and demeanour are old school soul at its finest; her performance is stellar, displaying great control and understanding of her voice. The glassy production on her input adds a great deal of mystique and airiness to the sound – particularly on the closing verse lines.


Frusciante-style lead riffage tears up the bridge section with a thick and beefy guitar tone that sustains each note into near feedback. A minor complaint is the same tone’s appearance during the horn motif’s turnaround – it packs too much muscle for a section that is supposed to be explicitly smooth and snappy. For that solo however, it cuts right through the mix and brashly announces itself as the climax of the tune.

‘Too Much to Say I Love You’ is self-assured, well-written, and addictive – here’s hoping that WeatheredMan and Roundtree don’t call it a day at just one.