The SlimoWeekly July Update Feat. Mxgiic, A92 & More

Writer’s block took over while I was trying to compose this piece, I know I have great music to write about in a couple of paragraphs but I spent too much time wracking my brain and searching the internet in the hopes of finding something exciting going on in the world to kick things off with. Unfortunately we are living through a time of uncertainty and disaster but I have to give all the praise to our Irish artists who aren’t waiting around for inspiration and allowing their creativity to flow regardless.

We are experiencing a heatwave at the moment and Irish artists are bringing the heat! Cheesy I know, but you still love it… For real though, don’t forget to wear your sun cream cause it is HOT outside.

R3D, Evans Junior & Tony Konstone | ‘Don’t Push Me’

From singles to albums and everything in between, our release radar has been buzzing over the past month. We’ve seen 3 dominant males in the industry come together to release a track and hint at a possible EP in the works. ‘All Star Weekend’ has been blasted across social media the past couple of months so it’s only right to have R3D, Evans Junior and Tony Konstone as the cover of SlimoWeekly. ‘Don’t Push Me’ pays tribute to hip hop O.G Grandmaster Flash, quoting lyrics from ‘The Message’ ft. The Furious Five. The trio provides us with the ultimate energy on a track that fuses old and new hip hop.


Andre Fezaz, Kebz & Nikz| ‘Mamacita Go’

A92 collective are back with a brand new track. This time Andre Fazaz, Kebz and Nikz deliver vocals on the summertime track ‘Mamacita Go’. While sticking to their melodic drill sound the guys tap in to lyrics about girls and partying with the hook repeating, “It’s festival season, tryna get lit for no reason”. This is a refreshing track from the collective echoed by the music video (released on GRM Daily). We see the guys serving us ultimate summer vibes with their water guns, paddling pools and a few sneaky bottles of Magnum.

Mxgiic | ‘Chokehold’

This week we have seen a new Afrobeat artist take to the Irish scene, Mxgiic. He is a promising new artist and he did not hold back on debut single ‘Chokehold’. As we know, Mxgiic is no real stranger to the scene being a host on the podcast Pints of Malt, and he has now introduced himself as an artist effortlessly. ‘Chokehold’ implements all the good vibes and makes for suitable listening in any situation. We get an insight on how Mxgiic moved to a girl and won her over. He is definitely going to be one to watch in the future!

Slick Bullet reinvented his sound on catchy anthem ‘5FOOT5’, Tommy Tomad shows his fun side through energetic track ‘Middle’ while JYellowL is determined to ‘Pick Up The Pace’, and Rushes is stacking up his ‘Funds’. Jeorge II speaks the hard truth on ‘Crook’ from Odd Number’s debut collaborative album, The Golden Eire Tapes Vol. 1, Sequence demands ‘My Way!’, and Celaviedmai teaches us how to ‘Heal’.

SlimoWeekly has a track in there for all moods and we are loving seeing all these artists releasing summer tracks. Head over to our socials to let us know what tracks you’re vibing to this summer.