The SlimoWeekly May Update Feat. Rushes, Tebi Rex, Chris Kabs & More

The Summer is officially here, restrictions are slowly lifting and May is looking like a good month! There’s no better way to celebrate this than with a playlist update that’s packed with the finest Irish urban jams. The songs on this playlist have been carefully selected for you to vibe to on your journey to the barbers/hairdressers or to entertain at your garden gatherings. So let’s see who we’ve got:

Rushes | Wide Eyed

Our cover artist for this month is none other than the extremely talented alternative pop artist that is Rushes. Following the huge success of his debut EP ‘Glimpse’ in 2019, Rushes is back with a brand new bop titled ‘Wide Eyed’. Rushes found himself confined to his hometown of Skibbereen, Co. Cork during lockdown, which allowed him to reconnect with his roots and also revived his creativity. With this time of reflection, ‘Wide Eyed’ was born. The soothing melodies tell a tale of attachment and the negative impact self doubt can have on us, “I was wide eyed and terrified of feeling blue”. ‘Wide Eyed’ brings us a textured track with raw production. Although the video is simple in content, it represents the songs themes of uncertainty and imbalance.

The X Collective | WB

‘WB’ is the first release from the powerful all female group, The X Collective (made up of; Chloe Agnew, Zapho, Gemma Bradley, Senita and Toshín). The X Collective originally wrote this song to pitch to a well-known girl band but upon looking around the table and seeing the talent they had at hand, they decided to create their own band and keep it for themselves. ‘WB’ is the first release off The X Collective’s forthcoming album, which is set for release later this year. This track screams empowerment with a “girl-gang” energy that’s not to be messed with.

Tebi Rex ft. ROE | Hanging With Trees

Alt hip hop duo, Tebi Rex teamed up with ROE to bring us a track about a talking tree that gives good advice but can be really blunt. This song resonates with the current feeling of struggling to communicate with other humans. ‘Hanging With Trees’ is sonically pleasing and well balanced from the choice of instruments, use of panning and layering up for a funky beat drop. This track marks “Chapter 2” and the pairs 2nd release off their 11-track project, set for release later this year. ‘Hanging With Trees’ is very well produced with excellent vocals and cut-throat humour throughout.


Chris Kabs | More Than a Number

A trending topic across two tracks on this week’s playlist highlight police brutality against black people. Chris Kabs released ‘More Than a Number’ while ‘U.N.I.T.Y’ has been one of the main tracks off Kestine’s debut EP Refelction.

Unfortunately, we are hearing more and more about police brutality globally. There is at least one new story each week and it’s not just happening in America. Chris Kabs highlights “Weren’t they supposed to protect us? But they’re shooting us” on ‘More Than a Number’. This track is quite a juxtaposition with Kabs delivering a powerful message over a playful jazz/funk type beat. ‘More Than a Number’ is designed to spread awareness and to encourage people to use their voice to end police brutality and racial injustice in the world.

There are plenty of tunes in the updated SlimoWeekly playlist to keep you going. Keep an eye out for Finn showing his ‘Integrity’ and Sosa Sensi talking about ‘Difficult Times’.

What’s going to be your track of the Summer?

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