The SlimoWeekly Mid-Year Recap Feat. Odd Numbers, Sello & More

Things are looking good; we’re outside, it’s Pride month and the sun is shining!

While it is a shame we can’t gather in person to celebrate Pride, Dublin Pride are hosting many events and workshops throughout the month of June to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. Most of these events will be held virtually/online but we are sure to tune in to celebrate Pride month as much as we can. Dublin Pride’s roster includes everything from poetry, exploring fabric/clothing, to a virtual Pride Parade on June 26 and a week dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ contributions to arts and culture.

As we are now halfway through the year and we’re getting ready for a summer of outdoors and good vibes, this month’s SlimoWeekly is made up of our favourite tracks of the year so far.

Monjola & Aby Coulibaly | ‘Where u at’

Before we get into our recap I want to give props to some new music released over the past couple of weeks. Both of these tracks are from artists who have only taken to the scene over the course of lockdown. Up first we have ‘Where u at’ from Monjola and Aby Coulibaly. We know how talented both artists are individually but we were not prepared for the melodies that would come with this collab. ‘Where u at’ is extremely catchy and although it is about missing and longing for someone you don’t need to be in your feels to enjoy this track. The pair bring us a simple but effective video to match the canorous song.


Sello | ‘As Gaeilge’

If anyone knows how to set scenes and incorporate language into a track, it is Sello. He has done it again with the release of audio and video for ‘As Gaeilge’. Although this is only his second release, Sello already has the scene in his hands. With lyrics that everyone can relate to, he displays Ireland and Irish culture for what it currently is. You wanted someone who reps their own accent and doesn’t “waffle” about “gang life” and boy did you get that in Sello.

After a touch and go year in 2020, our Irish artists came back strong in 2021. We have seen artists enhance their abilities, broaden their sounds and all round level up.

Enda Gallery | ‘I Want Liberation’

Many artists have caught our eyes over the past 6 months, notably; Enda Gallery and Odd Numbers. As you know, Enda Gallery rebranded from previous alias “Delush” which brought us a new sound, some remastered tracks and an album. We have seen Gallery work excellently on tracks as a producer with various artists including Tolü Makay and Strange Boy in conjunction with creating his own solo works. ‘I Want Liberation’ is a track that allows your mind and spirit to be free. It is a powerful track that allows us to open up to experiences after being in lockdown but also introduces us to Gallery’s reformed sound.

Odd Numbers ft. Wallfella | ‘Blue’

Another creative that has stood out over the past 6 months is Odd Numbers. As a talented producer, he has created some bops and chosen unique artists to feature on his tracks. Odd Numbers teamed up with lyricist Wallfella to bring us Mac Miller-inspired track ‘Blue’. This track portrays doubts artists have of “when will the music get the recognition it deserves”, “when will the hard work pay off”, and “is it really worth it”.

As we’ve seen with Mac Miller and many other artists who have passed, the music isn’t really appreciated until they’re gone. Let’s change this, let’s give these artists their flowers, whether it’s a simple text or a post about their song, allow them to feel the love. Odd Numbers has teased that an album has been finished but left us waiting for more details. Both of these artists have shown skill and shown space in the scene for producers to grow and flourish.

Drill has taken to the forefront of the Irish scene and has allowed light to be shed on us in other countries. Many artists are O.G drillers but we have seen a lot of people dabble in the genre for a track or two. To highlight some of our favourite drill tracks from this year we have included Offica ‘Obito’ and AV9, Chuks, Rose9, Swift9, YP & Y.Rose ‘Intro’ to the SlimoWeekly playlist.

In our SlimoWeekly playlist you will find plenty of new artists who took to the scene during lockdown alongside our usual faves. Jafaris set the ‘Mood’ while Andre Fazaz was on his ‘Royal Bike’ and Sequence was ‘Free’. JyellowL put in the hard work and released his debut album 2020 Division and UNQ has stormed this scene with her melodies and rich tones.

Overall, the past year and a half hasn’t been great but we have been given brilliant music to cloud it. So stick your headphones on, press play and go outside.

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