Artist Spotlight | James Millier & Lockdown-Inspired Songwriting

James Millier is back with his beautiful new single ‘Discover New Memories Together’, a song that he penned during lockdown. Millier truly writes from the heart, and his themes are always very personal. He is first and foremost a poet, crafting an endless stream of new lyrical content for his music. No Millier song is complete without an epic catchy chorus, and this new single is no exception.

The song erupts into a symphony of smooth electronic production and piano, with Millier’s vocals exclaiming “Is there a chance for us / To reminisce those summer nights / And discover new memories together?”. This is a song about hope and enduring love in a world that’s big and scary sometimes. Written in the lockdown bubble, the artist explains that at that time:

“I was reflecting on ways to bring hope that we could all be discovering new memories together sometime soon.”

Beyond writing his own music, James Millier is a passionate supporter of other artists releasing music independently. During lockdown, he played host while bed-bound after foot surgery, for a series of Instagram live Q&As he organised with up-and-coming artists for across the world. He has recently been organising gigs too, and even has plans to set up a songwriting retreat. Millier has very quickly grown a network of fans for his own musical career too. Given that he is such a warm and fun-loving person, this is no surprise. We hope that James Millier continues to craft songs and we are looking forward to seeing this artist get further and further in his career.