Artist Spotlight | West of House and Crescendo of Silence

California quintet West of House have released their debut album Crescendo of Silence and we’ve taken a listen. You should too. West of House creates music that will connect people worldwide, crossing genre lines while provoking real conversations about the world around us and the human condition.

Opening track ‘Yesterdays’, already available as a single since May, is a beautiful rock song that blends so many musical sensibilities into one melodic mesh. With powerful lyrics and beautiful harmonies delivered by a female voice, this song sets the tone perfectly for what’s to follow. This is an album that works as a whole, as each song expands upon a different side of West of House, while tying everything together as one. ‘Carry Your Dreams’ has slight ’80s influences, with synth pads and a touch of Fleetwood Mac thrown in.

Our personal favourite is the nostalgic ‘Chasing After Memories’ with its gentle and soothing guitar melodies, providing a point of contrast to more energetic rock tracks such as ‘Denmark Calling’. This track is a steady and sultry rock-pop ballad, featuring stunning string arrangements. West of House’s music has a cinematic quality to it, and would make the perfect soundtrack to a dark movie or Netflix drama. French lyrics from lead vocalist Erick Bieger in ‘Chasing After Memories’ add another layer to the band’s identity.


Interestingly, there is a marked move to something more electronic and dance-influenced with the album’s sixth track ‘Holy Ghosted’. The ’80s influences are present once more, but in a more Depeche Mode meets Pet Shop Boys style this time round. A variety of instruments are used throughout—’Turn of Phrase’ features stunning grand piano. A must-listen for anyone who enjoys music with meaning, West of House prove that they are true songwriters and musicians who have created a glorious symphony of sound with Crescendo of Silence.