THE PLAYLIST#23 | 25 of the Timeliest Lyrical F-Bombs

Samuel Taylor Coleridge defined poetry as ‘the best words in the best order’. This playlist is dedicated to one of the most visceral swear words in the English language (rhymes with duck, definitions range from ‘drat’ to ‘copulate’). Below are 25 of the timeliest lyrical F-bombs* to sneak through our airwaves.

Perfectly placed and rarely gratuitous*, these sweet little profanities trill and thrill in equal measure, leaving you feeling, at best, like a young radical and, at worst, (hopefully not too) offended**.

Whether howled, purred, warbled or spat, these are lyrics to bite down hard on.

So grip your stirring wheel, put your baseball cap on backwards and get in the mood to f*ck.


* Eminem’s ‘Superman’ may be the exception here
** Eminem’s ‘Superman’ may be the rule here

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