THE PLAYLIST #26 | Silverbacks: Songs We’re Listing To For The Momento

Hailing from Dublin, Silverbacks are a thrilling prospect, delivering their own louche take on NYC-indebted rock: slack enough for the tastemakers while also mining a particularly poppy vein, catching the ears of those with a taste for a good hook. Now a full-fledged five piece after graduating from the bedroom project of songwriting brothers Kilian and Daniel O’Kelly, they ply their trade with as much emphasis on the dry humour running through Daniel’s lyrics as the propulsive, triple guitar-led onslaught in their music.

Last year’s Sink The Fat Moon EP had the band lighting up their homeland’s media outlets, with nods from BBC’s Across The Line, The Irish Times, The Thin Air, Nialler9 among others. They followed up with riotous single ‘Just for a Better View’ before the end of the year, drawing more accolades and leading to a coveted radio session for Today FM’s Paul McLoone. This year has seen the release of ‘Dunkirk’ which we chatted about right here on HeadStuff and a brand new single ‘Just In The Band’. Silverback headline Upstairs in Whelan’s on Saturday December 8th. Grab your tickets HERE

THE PLAYLIST by Silverbacks: A collection of songs and artists that we’re currently listening to while we do any of the following – cooking, driving to gigs, commuting, showering, drinking, watching football matches when the commentary is unbearable and other hilarious situations. – Made for HeadStuff


Jen Cloher – ‘Analysis Paralysis’

Dan – I’ve listened to her latest album a couple of times since I discovered it last week. The bassline in this jam is pretty much the same as the bassline in Bowie’s ‘Heroes’. There’s a great YouTube video of her band playing this live with Courtney Barnett on guitar.

The Nels Cline 4 – ‘River Mouth (Parts 1 & 2)’

Kilian – Nels Cline is a hero of mine. This track comes off the album released earlier this year. The song flows into this amazing North African groove.

The Fall – ‘The Knight, The Devil, and Death’

Emma – It’s class

Yellow Magic Orchestra – ‘Pure Jam’

Dan – My dad showed me this one. ‘This must be the ugliest piece of bread I’ve ever eaten’ is some hook. I wish I’d thought of it.

Sorry – ‘Twinkle’

Kilian – Came across this crew earlier this year. They’ve released a lot of their demos along with some very DIY videos on YouTube.

Meat Wave – ‘That’s Alright’

Kilian – This is their latest single, the riff that comes in at the 1:15 is killer. Their album The Incessant which they recorded with Steve Albini is definitely worth checking out also.

Grandaddy – ‘Bison on the Plains’

Dan – I love when a band releases a song that makes me revisit their old catalogue. I’ll be listening to a lot of Grandaddy this Christmas.

Big Thief – ‘Shark Smile’

Gary – One of our favourite bands going right now. A few of us went to the Big Thief show earlier this year and to Buck Meek’s solo set when he came a few months back. I have my tickets for Adrianne Lenker’s visit in January already.

Pharoah Sanders – ‘Love Is Everywhere’

Dan – A few of us went to his show in the National Concert Hall earlier this month. The man’s still got it. Also by putting a bit of Jazz down on our playlist it makes us look like we have a real eclectic taste and we know what we’re on about.

Phare – ‘September 808’

Dan – Pad (Silverbacks guitarist mafioso) wrote this and it’s class. He’s got an excellent live set to so go see him if you get the chance. If ever you’re changing a tyre put this jam on before you hit the road.