Watch | Kormac shares video for ‘I Believe’

Irish DJ and producer Kormac has shared ‘I Believe’, the first track from an upcoming string of releases. ‘I Believe’ takes influence from funk, soul, and even gospel elements, as it builds to a glorious cacophony of genres and sounds. Experimentation is afoot, with the producer citing inspiration from both a sense of time and place, trying “to make all the elements sound like they were in a small, wooden church, from the choir’s clapping to the beaten up, old piano”.

Known for his inventive use of samples, as well as extravagant live shows, the Irish DJ and producer has shown extensive knowledge and passion for alternative approaches to music making. In the past, Jameson commissioned him to make a track using sounds found in their Co. Cork factory, and nothing else.

‘I Believe’ harks back to the clubbing days of yore, with a pulsing piano driving the track. It is impeccably produced, with each element crisp and clear, allowing some space for the layers to build, yet never overwhelming.  It’s neither out of place pulsing through your headphones during a run, if you’re so inclined, or a 5:30 AM closer for a festival rave. In fact, the track was initially written as a closing tune for Kormac’s AV show, but due to the strong positive reaction it received, he decided to release it. Thankfully.

Having already developed his position as a Jack-of-all-genres, and worked with the likes of Bajka and even Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh, Kormac’s clear intention to grow and expand further is sure to make this year a big one. Hopefully this new direction doesn’t indicate a complete abandonment of his hip-hop leanings, but this latest track certainly points to something fresh.


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Or check out the video below

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Kormac plays Sea Sessions and The Groove Festival later this summer.
Kormac joined us on The HeadStuff Podcast last year also, so listen to that here.

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