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Here’s the thing about No Sinner.

They’re class.

This girl, Colleen Rennison, she can belt out a tune like no one else. Well, not quite like no one else, she can belt out a tune like Nina Simone and Tina Turner and Big Mama Thornton and Bessie Smith and Joe Cocker. All people she listened to as she grew up. People always told her she sounded like Janis Joplin.


I can genuinely say that no one has ever told me that I sound like Janis Joplin. It would be nice to hear that, just once, I think. But this isn’t about me, this is about Colleen Rennison and her name spelled backwards: N-O  S-I-N-N-E-R. Clever clogs Colleen ‘No Sinner’ Rennison.

This is blues, rock, soul music that is performed with passion and style. This is great stuff to see live. And here’s your chance to win two tickets. (If you don’t like your chances, tickets are on sale now so just buy them, it’s worth it). They’re playing in The Workman’s Club which is obviously a great place to go see a band.

No Sinner who are inspired by wonderful bands like The White Stripes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and early Kings of Leon (first three albums I assume, if your sex is on fire you should extinguish it immediately). Inspired by those bands and their success, perhaps, but No Sinner are not here to be the next anybody, they’re here to make their own mark. I didn’t make that up. They said that themselves.

Here they are making lovely noises. Watch the video and enter the draw to win tickets. There’s a huge chance you won’t regret it.


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  NO SINNER The Workmans Club, 21st May 2014 Tickets on sale €14 including booking fee available from Ticketmaster online and outlets nationwide   For more information see: | | @nosinnermusic