Fail Harder | James Kavanagh

Emma Jane Purcell chats to people at the top of their game about failure – from their first memory of failure to how they cope with it nowFor the last episode of the season Emma Jane chats to James Kavanagh.

James Kavanagh is a social media influencer, an entrepreneur and a T.V.presenter who rose to prominence in 2015 on snapchat doing Vlogs and parodies. He has since gained a huge online following and has worked as an influencer with many large brands and charities. In 2016 James and his partner William started the food company Currabinny and their first book ‘The Currabinny Cookbook’ won the Eurospar cookbook of the year award in 2018. James also co-hosted the T.V. show Ireland’s Got More Talent.

But James is not here to talk about success – he’s here to talk about failure.

Season 2 of Fail Harder is brought to you in isolation.

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