#32 | The State of Play

It’s just over three years since FAIRGAME first hit the airwaves and today, we have a very special episode planned. We started this podcast because we were TIRED of complaining about how hard it was to be a fan of female athletes and women’s sports in Ireland and we thought we could change something, DO something positive rather than just give out about it.. A LOT has changed in the three years since the first episode of FAIRGAME in 2016 – like some serious sponsorship of women’s teams, Irish Women’s sporting events setting attendance records and hosting the highest attended women’s sporting event of 2017, not to mention some major moves by media to showcase the wonderful work of women. There’s been a lot done, but there’s more to do. So today, we wanna know – what is the state of play in women’s sport?

Joining us to to set the scene are two GAMECHANGERS. The brains and the brawn behind the 2020 campaign, they’ve set us all the target of changing Ireland’s cultural perception of women’s sport by 2020 and they’re doing this by making sure there is a 20% increase in media coverage of women in sport, in women’s participation at all levels and a 20% increase in the attendance of women in sport events. Sarah Colgan from the branding agency Along Came a Spider and Mary O’Connor from the Federation of Irish Sport – you’re both very welcome to FAIRGAME!