Ep 37: Mariah from Clonmel with Bianca Kinane

Bianca Kinane is the big voiced Irish superstar that we almost had back in 1996. Bianca is from Clonmel and in 1994 took part in “Stars In Their Eyes” as Mariah Carey. A big recording contract with Pete Waterman followed. A huge media campaign promising an Irish Mariah Carey from ‘County Clonmel’ (sic) accompanied the release of some singles but the album never materialised. Though it was finished and ready, internal politics and budgetary problems saw the record label go bust before it could be released. Bianca dusted herself off and got on with life after pop. She toured with Jools Holland and did session work. However three years later it happened all over again. She was again signed up to a big deal. She made an album, released singles and then at the eleventh hour before the albums release, the record label went into liquidation.

Bianca continues to record vocals on many hit dance tracks and club hits and is a respected session singer in the UK. People are fascinated with her pop past and are devastated on her behalf when hear that lightening strike twice. Bianca is by no means devastated she makes a good living doing what she loves and enjoys telling the tale she calls “Do you know who I nearly was”.

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