Ep 41: Beyonce That’s Who with Matthew Marsden

In this episode of Fascinated Gearóid chats to former soap-star, former pop-star and proper Hollywood star Matthew Marsden. After a stint as a male model Matthew began his acting career in the UK soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street. A brief but productive music career followed. He recorded the album “Say Who” for Sony. Notable because his backing singers on his second release were none other than Destiny’s Child with one Beyonce Knowles. Matt tells Gearóid how he ended up in the recording studio with Beyonce and why he walked away from music.

After starring opposite Michael Caine in the movie “Shiner” Matthew relocated to Hollywood and has never looked back. Roles in “Black Hawk Down”, “Transformers” and “Anacondas” followed. On TV he appeared in “NCIS” and “Two And A Half Men”. He also chats about his introduction to Stallone when they worked together on “Rambo”.

As well as acting Matthew has just completed his first project as writer, director and actor. His movie “I Am That Man” is the story of a Navy seal trying to reintegrate into civilian life. Matthew has spent his career playing military roles and with this movie he was determined to accurately portray the lives of the people who serve.

You can watch a trailer for “I Am That Man” here..

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